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Benjamin J. Codog III

Benjamin J. Codog III
Year/Track: 2015
Hometown: Linden, CA
Major: B.S., Business Finance

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Administration Directory

  • Francis J. Mootz III

    Francis J. Mootz III
    Dean, Professor of Law
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  • Raquel Aldana

    Raquel Aldana
    Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, Director, Inter-American Program
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  • Clark Kelso

    Clark Kelso
    Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives, Professor of Law
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  • Dorothy S. Landsberg

    Dorothy S. Landsberg
    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills
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  • Charlene Mattison

    Charlene Mattison
    Assistant Dean for Advancement, External Relations & Career Development
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  • Mary McGuire

    Mary McGuire
    Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
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  • Tracy Simmons

    Tracy Simmons
    Assistant Dean, Admissions, Diversity Initiatives & Financial Aid
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  • James Wirrell

    James Wirrell
    Assistant Dean, Library Services
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