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  • McGeorge 94th Commencement Celebrates Class of 2018

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  • My Tien Doan, Class of 2018

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Katharine Baragona

Katharine Baragona
Year Graduated:
Title: Senior infrastructure finance specialist, The World Bank
Area of Practice:

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Alumni Profile Directory

  • Mariam Aboudamous

    Mariam Aboudamous
    MJA Legal, City of American Canyon, Council Member
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  • Gregory Aghazarian

    Gregory Aghazarian
    Partner, Beattie & Aghazarian, LLP
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  • Dennis Albiani

    Dennis Albiani
    Vice-President, California Advocates, Inc.
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  • April Alexander

    April Alexander
    Senior Director, State Affairs at Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA), Washington, DC
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  • Hussam (Sam) Alhabardi

    Hussam (Sam) Alhabardi
    Legal Advisor, Saudi Royal Court
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  • Norman Allen

    Norman Allen
    Senior Vice President & Partner, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co., San Francisco, Calif.
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  • A. Mendie Archibong

    A. Mendie Archibong
    Attorney, Archibong Law Firm
    more >

  • Ric Asfar

    Ric Asfar
    Attorney, Vaka Law Group (Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla.)
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  • Agung Atmaja

    Agung Atmaja
    Senior Associate, State and Local Tax, KPMG US (San Francisco, Calif.)
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  • Stephanie Bamberger

    Stephanie Bamberger
    Senior Associate, Bartholomew & Wasznicky LLP in Sacramento
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  • Katharine Baragona

    Katharine Baragona
    Senior infrastructure finance specialist, The World Bank
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  • Nathan Barankin

    Nathan Barankin
    Chief Of Staff, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris
    more >

  • Craig Barbarosh

    Craig Barbarosh
    Attorney, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
    more >

  • Eric L. Barnum

    Eric L. Barnum
    Partner, Schiff Hardin LLP in Atlanta, Member, McGeorge Alumni Association Board of Directors
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  • Andrei Behdjet

    Andrei Behdjet
    Vice President and General Counsel Downstream, Chemicals and Midstream, Chevron
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  • Michael  Belote

    Michael  Belote
    President, California Advocates, Inc.
    more >

  • Janet Bender

    Janet Bender
    Deputy County Counsel, Sutter County
    more >

  • Cliff Berg
    President, Governmental Advocates, Inc.
    more >

  • Robert Binning

    Robert Binning
    Office of Legislative Counsel
    more >

  • Patrick Blood

    Patrick Blood
    Member, McGeorge Alumni Association Board of Directors, Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs, Atlas Entertainment, Atlas Independent, Atlas Artists’
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  • Ronald Blubaugh

    Ronald Blubaugh
    Administrative Law Judge, retired, California Public Employment Relations Board
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  • Tia Boatman Patterson

    Tia Boatman Patterson
    Executive Director, California Housing Finance Agency
    more >

  • Sara Bobbitt

    Sara Bobbitt
    Managing Attorney of Immigration Legal Services, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services
    more >

  • Robert Bonsall

    Robert Bonsall
    Partner, Beeson, Tayer & Bodine APC
    more >

  • Scott Boras

    Scott Boras
    Scott Boras Corporation
    more >

  • Kim Bowman

    Kim Bowman
    Attorney, Pearson, Butler & Carson, PLLC
    more >

  • Aaron Brieno

    Aaron Brieno
    Legislative Aide, Senator Ben Hueso
    more >

  • Tristan  Brown

    Tristan  Brown
    Legislative Advocate, California Federation of Teachers
    more >

  • Patrick Browning

    Patrick Browning
    Principle, Conceptus Partners Consulting
    more >

  • Adrienne Brungess

    Adrienne Brungess
    Professor of Lawyering Skills
    more >

  • Cameron Burford

    Cameron Burford
    AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC
    more >

  • Victor Cabo

    Victor Cabo
    more >

  • Regina Cabral Jones

    Regina Cabral Jones
    General Counsel and Principal Consultant, Ten2Eleven Accountable Care Solutions, LLC
    more >

  • Benjamin Cadranel

    Benjamin Cadranel
    Director of Resource Development for Foster and Kinship Care Education, Woodland Community College
    more >

  • Connie Callahan

    Connie Callahan
    Judge, U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
    more >

  • Clay Calvert

    Clay Calvert
    Distinguished Professor, University of Florida
    more >

  • Kitty Canales

    Kitty Canales

    more >

  • Rebecca Caporale

    Rebecca Caporale
    Associate Attorney,Wilner & O’Reilly APLC
    more >

  • Julie Carew

    Julie Carew
    HR Sr. Consultant, Centene Corporation, Class of 2017, MSL — Human Resources Concentration
    more >

  • Judith Carlson

    Judith Carlson
    Deputy Attorney IV and Environmental Team Leader at California Department of Transportation, Legal Division in Sacramento, Calif.
    more >

  • Jasper Casey

    Jasper Casey
    Judge Advocate, United States Marine Corps
    more >

  • Anthony Chinakwe

    Anthony Chinakwe
    Legal Coordinator (Business & Legal Affairs), Nickelodeon Animation Studio
    more >

  • Dionne Choyce

    Dionne Choyce
    Owner, Choyce Law Firm
    more >

  • Stephen Clayton

    Stephen Clayton
    Attorney, Stephen Clayton Law in Piedmont, Calif.
    more >

  • Benjamin J. Codog III

    Benjamin J. Codog III

    more >

  • Daniel Conway

    Daniel Conway
    Managing Partner of Truth Enterprises
    more >

  • Daphne  Copenhaver

    Daphne  Copenhaver

    more >

  • Ellen Corbett

    Ellen Corbett
    California State Senator
    more >

  • Kristian Corby

    Kristian Corby
    Associate, Somach Simmons & Dunn
    more >

  • Carmen-Nicole Cox

    Carmen-Nicole Cox
    Chief, Office of Legislation, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
    more >

  • Christine Craft

    Christine Craft
    Talk Show Host, KGO Radio, Independent Consultant
    more >

  • Anthony Crisostomo

    Anthony Crisostomo

    more >

  • Daniel Croxall

    Daniel Croxall
    Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills, Director, Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration
    more >

  • Niki Cunningham

    Niki Cunningham
    Partner, Whitney, Thompson & Jeffcoach LLP
    more >

  • Raihane Dalvi

    Raihane Dalvi
    Law Clerk, Baydaline & Jacobsen
    more >

  • Paul Dassenko

    Paul Dassenko
    Chief Executive Officer and President of Risk Transfer Underwriting, Inc.
    more >

  • Kathryn Davis

    Kathryn Davis
    more >

  • Alina Davletshina

    Alina Davletshina
    LL.M. in Transnational Business Practice student, Class of 2017
    more >

  • Hector de Avila Gonzalez

    Hector de Avila Gonzalez
    Attorney, De Avila Law Firm
    more >

  • William Dean

    William Dean
    Director of Advocacy and Public Impact, Tufts University
    more >

  • Kimberley Delfino

    Kimberley Delfino
    California Program Director, Defenders of Wildlife
    more >

  • Lan Diep

    Lan Diep
    Councilmember, San José District 4 in California
    more >

  • Alison Dinmore

    Alison Dinmore
    Consultant, California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.
    more >

  • Megan Donaghey

    Megan Donaghey
    Employment Relations Director, Aramark
    more >

  • Danielle Douglas

    Danielle Douglas
    Judge, Contra Costa Superior Court
    more >

  • Kerry Doyle

    Kerry Doyle
    Doyle Law Office (Reno, Nev.)
    more >

  • Mark Drobny

    Mark Drobny
    President, Drobny Law Offices Inc. in Sacramento, Calif.
    more >

  • Andrew Duffy

    Andrew Duffy
    M.S.L. — Government and Public Policy Concentration
    more >

  • Erin M. Dunston

    Erin M. Dunston
    Counsel, Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC
    more >

  • Michael Elizondo

    Michael Elizondo
    Law Clerk, Berry Appleman and Leiden LLP in San Francisco
    more >

  • William Ellerbee

    William Ellerbee
    M.S.L. — Human Resources Concentration
    more >

  • Morrison England Jr.

    Morrison England Jr.
    Judge, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California
    more >

  • Noreen Evans

    Noreen Evans
    Senior Consultant, Evans Strategic Solutions (Santa Rosa, Calif.), Attorney, O'Brien Watters & Davis, LLP
    more >

  • Ingrid Evans

    Ingrid Evans
    Partner, The Evans Law Firm in San Francisco
    more >

  • Erin  Evans-Fudem

    Erin  Evans-Fudem
    Legislative Representative, League of California Cities
    more >

  • Ernesto Falcon

    Ernesto Falcon
    Legislative Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
    more >

  • Sam Fareed

    Sam Fareed
    Principal Attorney, United Citizen Law Firm
    more >

  • Elizabeth Felix

    Elizabeth Felix

    more >

  • Birgit Fladager

    Birgit Fladager
    District Attorney, Stanislaus County
    more >

  • Colleen Flannery

    Colleen Flannery
    Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice
    more >

  • Jacob Flesher

    Jacob Flesher
    Shareholder, Flesher Schaff & Schroeder, Inc.
    more >

  • Herrin Fosmore

    Herrin Fosmore
    LLM Class of 2016
    more >

  • Rex Frazier

    Rex Frazier
    President, Personal Insurance Federation of California, Adjunct Professor, Supervising Attorney, Legislative & Public Policy Clinic
    more >

  • Kim Garner

    Kim Garner
    Of Counsel, Cornerstone Estate Law Corporation, President, McGeorge Alumni Association
    more >

  • Shawn Mathew George

    Shawn Mathew George
    The Law Offices of Shawn George
    more >

  • John Gerrard

    John Gerrard
    Justice, U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska
    more >

  • Justin Gingery

    Justin Gingery
    Associate Attorney, Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP in Sacramento
    more >

  • Isabel Glaese

    Isabel Glaese
    Class of 2017
    more >

  • Stephen Goldberg

    Stephen Goldberg
    Staff Attorney, Legal Services of Northern California in Sacramento
    more >

  • Erika Gonzalez

    Erika Gonzalez
    Training & Technical Assistance Senior Attorney, Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) in Los Angeles
    more >

  • Jess Gosney

    Jess Gosney
    Class of 2017
    more >

  • Meron Hailu

    Meron Hailu
    Intern, International Bar Association
    more >

  • Steve Hansen

    Steve Hansen
    Councilmember, City of Sacramento
    more >

  • Haley Hansen

    Haley Hansen
    Associate Attorney, Selman Breitman, LLP
    more >

  • Dana Harper

    Dana Harper

    more >

  • Jamal Hartenstein

    Jamal Hartenstein
    Data Security Project Manager, CalPERS
    more >

  • Linda Heard

    Linda Heard
    MSL, Class of 2016
    more >

  • Laura Heller

    Laura Heller
    Doctoral Candidate, Law & Policy at Northeastern University
    more >

  • Jennifer Hemmer

    Jennifer Hemmer
    Attorney, Hemmer & Barr
    more >

  • Scott Hervey

    Scott Hervey
    Shareholder, Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin
    more >

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  • Salzburg Summer Program Connects Justice Kennedy and Law Students

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  • USA World Champions: McGeorge Team Wins International Negotiation Competition

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