Ameer Othman

Ameer Othman

Major: Political Science


Born in California, Ameer Othman and his family moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates when he was a 4-year-old. "We lived in Dubai for 10 years until I was 14," he said. Proud of his diversified roots, Ameer is bilingual with both English and Arabic proficiency.

"I can speak and write in Arabic," he said.

Along with the assimilation challenges he faced living overseas most of his childhood, Ameer gained perspective on socio-political issues, such as poverty and wage income disparity, which were prevalent in his community.

After moving back to the United States in his teenage years, this realization spurred his thirst to pursue a career in Governance and policy-making, and, ultimately, a foray into the legal realm.

"I am an all-or-nothing kind of guy. This approach to issues helps me understand politics and its nuances," he said. "I wasn't always sure of what career options I wanted to explore. Having always been a part-time worker, this program gave me a wider sense of understanding in lessons not taught in college — i.e. varying social dynamics, valuable work ethics and professionalism. In fact, I feel like an adult."

In a fashion uncommon with millennials, Ameer believes there is a thinking gap being a student and a career person.

"I have a different perspective," he said.

As opposed to a strong reliance on mainstream education, he said he believes young people must put in personal work by re-learning certain social norms, connecting better with peers and learning how to dress professionally.

"I feel unique. If I find anything interesting; I pursue it seriously. I love soccer and I can talk about soccer all day. I currently play for the Pacific club team. I document soccer trivia," he said.

Ameer said he believes sports and politics are similar due to the requirement of a dispassionate approach to issues.

When asked why he enrolled in the McGeorge Capital Experience program, he said: "My friend told me about the program and I loved the idea of living in Sacramento for a few weeks."

Ameer was also thrilled about experiencing the historic capital city of Sacramento: "Coming from Dubai and occasionally feeling nostalgic about the big city; the capital city experience was important. I witnessed firsthand state politics. This was very intriguing to me."

After college, Ameer said he plans to take a year off to work for a law firm or Advocacy group. After that, his goal is to commence law school and major primarily in International law and politics.

Asked whether or not he would recommend the program, Ameer said: "It was an amazing program, it was also very helpful that it was during the summer months because that frees up your time. Regardless of undergraduate major, I strongly recommend this program for any young professional looking to make a break into the business, political networking scene."

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