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Ashley Vasquez

Class of 2019

Hometown: Kimberly, ID
Undergraduate: Florida Institute of Technology
Major: Criminal Justice


Ashley Vasquez was raised in Kimberly, Idaho, describing it as "one of those [small towns] that have one stoplight, everyone knows your name, and people rarely leave." Growing up, Ashley devoted her time to different interests and hobbies, including volunteer work, cheerleading, track, bowling, working at a racetrack, clothing store and a few eateries.  Ashley also enjoyed 4-H and the various projects she entered in the local county fair; she feels that she learned numerous life skills through the 4-H program throughout her years of participating.  Ashley's mother raised her and her sister to be strong, independent women. So, it was no surprise that a couple months after graduation, Ashley left Idaho for Nevada to live closer to her sister as she pursued her dreams, where she began working for Wells Fargo. Ashley explains, "My mom stressed on my sister and I that we would need to work hard for the things we wanted out of life." She stayed in banking for the next six years, working her way up the ladder and paying her way through school which ultimately brought her to Northern California, the place of her birth.  

Ashley knew law school was in her future at a very early age. She recalls, "A friend of mine had told me about a free LSAT test University of Nevada, Reno was offering to help interested students gauge where they were at. I bombed it. I didn't have the strongest grades in either high school or undergrad, because I had always needed to work full-time to support myself. I knew my LSAT needed to compensate for my grades, so I enrolled in Kaplan Prep and got to work. It wasn't easy. I was working 50+ hours a week while finishing up my undergraduate degree and preparing for the LSAT. I like to think that challenging schedule helped prepare me for being a single mother in law school."  

Entering law school, Ashley felt nervous and afraid. She explains, "Undergrad had all been done online. I didn't know what to expect, or how the people would be. It has been a lot of work! My first year I wanted to quit, despite my decent grades the first semester. Being surrounded by seemingly intelligent and insightful people was overwhelming, and I didn't think I had what it took to measure up to them."  Ashley notes, "I tend to be hard on myself as I strive for being the best me I can be.  A few of my professors, as well as my mom and sister, convinced me otherwise. Something I am so grateful for! I have had some of the most amazing experiences in law school, from the great friends I have met, to the study abroad opportunities, and the professors who have supported me along the way. I have officially become one of those weird people who actually enjoys law school.  In every class I have learned something new about myself, been challenged beyond measure, and been left surprised at my ability to overcome it."  

Ashley has been very actively involved in student organizations on campus. She is currently a member of Women's Caucus, Family Law, and the International Law Society. Also, at the encouragement of Professor Dan Croxall, Ashley became involved in Moot Court as a 3E. She admits, "I initially had no interest in joining Moot Court. Up to that point I had a strong dislike for public speaking and didn't consider myself to be a strong writer. The final four competition in our second year made me rethink that conclusion! To my surprise, I advanced to the top 8 in oral arguments. Even my brief did well and was nominated as best brief. Having completed Moot Court it would appear I found my niche. My partner and I took second place in Chicago during the fall competition. I competed again during the spring, placing third in the Saul Leftkowitz Moot Court Competition."  

McGeorge has a part-time program, conducive to those students like Ashley, who is a parent to daughter Giana. Ashley admits, "I never wanted to be a parent! I was too selfish. There was too much I wanted to accomplish in life and thought children would just be a distraction. Because of these reasons I didn't think I would make a good parent. But then, I had Gia and all of that changed. From the day she was born, I was hooked! I wanted to be the best parent ever and give her experiences I never had and grow her little mind to always be inquisitive. But it is terrifying! Someone else's life is in your hands. She is now 3 years old, and I am so amazed at the sweet, intelligent, funny, and independent little girl she has become. The most rewarding thing is to hear or see them do something you taught them. It's confirmation that you are doing it right."  

However, Ashley recalls after having her daughter, questioning whether she should follow her dreams and attend law school. She explains, "I fell so in love with being a mom. I didn't want to leave her. My mom, my sister, and my daughter's father all encouraged me to go forward. They knew how long I had dreamed of being a lawyer and helped me figure out how to do both. They have been there every step of the way, giving me words of encouragement when I feel like law school will be the death of me, and helping with Gia when I need to lock myself in my room and prepare for finals or write briefs. Thanks to them, I currently have the best of both worlds, I get to spend the day with my daughter and attend school at night to reach my goals."

Ashley is currently pursuing a Business concentration and is looking forward to spending a semester as an extern in Judge England's chambers before she graduates in December 2018.   Outside of law school, Ashley enjoys reading, scrapbooking, watching history movies, and all things Harry Potter. She also enjoys cooking, party planning, and spending time with her family. Traveling has become one of her favorite pastimes. Thus far, she has visited 12 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. She has also been to Panama, Mexico, Thailand, Germany, Austria, Australia, and Italy.

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