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Brian G. Slocum

Brian Slocum, Ph.D.

Professor of Law
B.B.A., Pacific Union College
J.D., Harvard Law School
M.A., Linguistics, University of California, Davis
Ph.D., Linguistics, University of California, Davis


Phone: 916.739.7013
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Representative Scholarship

Inference, Intention and 'Ordinary Meaning': What jurists can learn about legal interpretation from linguistics and philosophy, University of Chicago Press (forthcoming 2017).

Ordinary Meaning: A Theory of the Most Fundamental Principle of Legal Interpretation, University of Chicago Press (2015).

"Conversational Implicatures and Legal Texts," Ratio Juris (March 2016).

"The Ordinary Meaning of Rules," in Problems of Normativity, Rules and Rule-Following (Law and Philosophy Library) (Michal Araszkiewicz, Pawel Banas, Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki and Krzysztof Pleszka, eds.) (Springer 2014).

"The Importance of Being Ambiguous: Substantive Canons, Stare Decisis, and the Central Role of Ambiguity Determinations in the Administrative State," 69 Md. L. Rev. 791 (2010).

"Overlooked Temporal Issues in Statutory Interpretation," 81 Temp. L. Rev. 635 (2008).

"The Problematic Nature of Contractionist Statutory Interpretation," 102 Nw. U. L. Rev. Colloquy 307 (2008).

"Canons, The Plenary Power Doctrine and Immigration Law," 34 Fla. St. U. L. Rev. 363 (2007).

Courses: Contracts, Legislation/Statutory Interpretation, Administrative Law

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