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Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson

Class of 2017
Year Graduated: 2017

Hometown: Fairfield, CA
Undergraduate: Sonoma State University
Major: Sociology


Brittany M. Johnson graduated in May 2017 with a J.D. certificate of concentration in Health Law.

She grew up in Fairfield with her parents and younger sister. Her family is a big part of her life. Since home is only a short drive a way, she tries to go home to visit as often as possible. "I also chose McGeorge because of the location. I plan on staying in the Sacramento area, and I knew that McGeorge has a great reputation here. My family is also close by so this was this perfect fit for me."

As an undergraduate, Brittany was first a biological science major and wanted to be an ophthalmologist, but she quickly decided that science was not her passion. Once she became a sociology major, Brittany decided law school would be a great fit for her. "I knew that I did not want to be a social worker or teacher, but I still wanted to help people." 

She had considered law school, and her father supported her decision. "Hearing about people that pass without basic estate planning tools really cemented my decision to come to law school. I wanted to make sure that everyone has access to a simple will, trust, or power of attorney."

Brittany is already gaining legal experience in Health Law. "Right now, I am in the Elder and Health Law Clinic on campus and get to help people with estate planning. McGeorge has helped facilitate this passion, and I am now interested in the Health Law field as well. The decision to pursue law as a career has snowballed into so many other great opportunities."

After law school, Brittany hopes to work in the health field for a provider network or insurance company. She also has an interest in estate planning. Regardless of where her career aspirations take her, she plans on making estate planning pro bono work a priority.

While at McGeorge, one of her proudest accomplishments is overcoming her fear of public speaking. Knowing public speaking was a fear for her, she worked very hard to overcome this challenge. She recognizes how first year courses helped her practice speaking in front of others and helped her come out of her shell. "Being involved on campus and the Socratic method has helped [her] overcome this fear."

As an undergraduate, she was only involved in one club, and recognizes that she was not very invested in the school. However, her campus involvement has changed dramatically as a budding law student. At McGeorge, she is involved in several organizations and is committed in making the school a better learning environment for its students. Brittany is a member of SBA, Phi Alpha Delta, Black Law Student's Association, and McGeorge Women's Caucus. "The best thing about McGeorge is the students. Each student brings something unique to the table which makes for interesting class discussions. I have made life long friends here and am truly happy with my decision."

Because she is invested in McGeorge, she is also a Student Ambassador and meets with prospective students to tell them all McGeorge has to offer. "I chose McGeorge because I loved the atmosphere. I like that it is a stand alone campus, and almost everyone here is a law student. All of the students are helpful and easy to talk to. There's competition like every other law school, but no one sabotages other student's chances at doing well." 

Brittany's guilty pleasure is watching the reality television show 'Sister Wives.' "I am obsessed! I don't want to be a sister wife at all, but I think their lives are interesting, at least the way they are portrayed on the show."

She also loves reading for pleasure. During breaks from school, she sets a goal of a certain number of books she plans on reading during that time.  "I read three books over winter break and plan on reading 10 over the summer break."

Watch a short video of Brittany explaining why "#IChoseMcGeorge."

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