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Tia Boatman Patterson

Tia Boatman Patterson
Year Graduated: 1994
Title: Executive Director, California Housing Finance Agency
Area of Practice:

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Catherine Joyce

Catherine Joyce

Hometown: Spencer, MA
Undergraduate: B.A. from Assumption College, Worchester, MA; M.A. from Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
Major: History

Catherine Joyce has acted in a play in England, attended Memorial Day celebrations in Belgium, and visited Austria and Vietnam on legal studies programs, but one of the biggest adventures in her life was coming to Sacramento to attend McGeorge. She was changing careers as well as locations and decided, "I might as well make the biggest move I can."

Catherine taught history at colleges in Massachusetts and loved it, but when one of her classes was dropped at the last minute-leaving her without a paycheck for four months-she decided that a law degree would give her more options than working as an adjunct professor.

Visiting McGeorge after she was accepted sealed Catherine's decision to come here. "I loved the weather-very important for a New Englander-and the people," Catherine says. "I also liked that there was on-campus housing, so I didn't have to find an apartment in an unfamiliar city." "I felt at home in Sacramento," says Catherine.

She knew that she was going to like law school the first time Professor Vitiello called on her in Civil Procedure, says Catherine: "I really liked the adrenaline rush of answering questions and working out complex problems on the spot."

Catherine loves the opportunities McGeorge has given her. "I've met Supreme Court justices, listened to lectures by UN officials, tried a mock case in front of a real jury, visited courtrooms and the Capitol building, and traveled to different countries and learned about the differences in their legal systems," says Catherine. Catherine is also currently the Chief Managing Editor on the Global Business and Development Journal.

She's not sure what she would like to do after graduation from McGeorge-clerking for a judge or working for the Foreign Services both sound interesting-but Catherine is open to working for her dad. "He's a fantastic lawyer, and I think I could learn a lot from him," she says. In the meantime, she wants to enjoy her time at McGeorge. "I've met fantastic people from all over the country and all over the world," Catherine says. "I could never have imagined all the things I've had a chance to do here."

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