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Monserrat Garcia

Monserrat Garcia
Year/Track: 2018
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.
Major: BA, English Language and Literature/Letters

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Chancellor Veal

Chancellor Veal

Class of 2017

Hometown: Moreno Valley, California
Undergraduate: San Francisco State University
Major: Criminal Justice
Year/Track: 2017


Chancellor Veal graduated in May 2017 with a JD degree. He was seven years old when he decided that law school was for him, and as student at McGeorge, he enjoyed it even more than he had imagined.

Chancellor has vivid memories of the childhood visit with his mother to a courthouse, as part of a special program for kids to watch the proceedings. "The judge banging the gavel; the defendant in a bright orange jumpsuit giving testimony and being reprimanded by the judge because he cussed; the prosecutor asking a bunch of questions--everything about that experience put me on the path to become a lawyer," said Chancellor.

McGeorge was a good fit for Chancellor for two reasons. He loved living in northern California as an undergraduate, and his girlfriend-now wife-was attending UC Davis. "I looked at McGeorge as a good school in a big city that was as close as I could get to her," said Chancellor.

Chancellor serves in leadership positions in the Public Legal Services Society (PLSS), the Advanced Dispute Resolution Club (ADR) and Black Law Students Association (BLSA). He is also a Student Ambassador for the Admissions Office, where he gives tours to prospective students and helps with outreach to admitted students. "I was a tour guide for Discover Law Day where high school and middle school students came to the school."

Looking ahead to his career after law school, Chancellor says he's still deciding, but that he likes his current internship with the Department of Managed Healthcare and has successfully worked in non-profit settings in the past.

"I think if I can end up in either one of those areas, I would be very happy in life," he said. "My parents worked for the State, and they were able to make time for all my big events-school plays and sports-and replicating that kind of family life means a lot to me."

The single-minded focus Chancellor exhibited from a young age has manifested itself in a more quirky way than just the determination to be a lawyer.

"I'm an extreme collector," he said. "When I become interested in something, I buy as many as possible until my infatuation goes away. Right now, I love to buy crazy-colored socks; the wilder the design and the brighter the color, the more I like them."

One thing Chancellor has really enjoyed about McGeorge is seeing people with different backgrounds and experiences discuss social issues and become friends. He has also appreciated the experiential learning classes and the commitment from faculty and staff to help students succeed in life after graduation.

"At the end of the day, the school can only do so much to get students a job," observed Chancellor. "It's up to us to take the information they give us and run with it."

Wearing multi-colored socks, if possible.

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