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Lan Diep

Lan Diep
Year Graduated: 2010
Title: Legal Fellow, Mississippi Center for Justice
Area of Practice: Gulf Oil Disaster Relief Team

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Dual Symposia in Partnership with Max Planck Institute Luxembourg

Last March, the Global Center partnered with the new Max Planck Institute, Luxembourg to undertake a two-part look at transnational securities and regulatory litigation.

The first part, consisting of an examination of "Transnational Securities and Regulatory Litigation in the Aftermath of Morrison v. National Australia Bank," was held at Pacific McGeorge on March 1, 2013. Panels of leading scholars from the United States and Europe addressed both the future for policing transnational securities fraud and for the extraterritorial application of other U.S. laws in light of the Supreme Court's Morrison decision restricting the reach of the U.S. anti-fraud law, and also undertook a comparative look at securities fraud class actions in the United States and Europe. Read more.

The second part of the event, which was held on March 25 at the Max Planck Institute research facility in Luxembourg, continued with the examination of securities fraud class actions by having leading European scholars, joined by Franklin Gevurtz to provide a U.S. perspective, address "Collective Actions and Investors' Protection: European Developments and Perspectives." Papers from both sessions will be published in the Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal.