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Jasmine Turner-Bond

Jasmine Turner-Bond
Year Graduated: 2011
Area of Practice:

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Yen Phan, '12, with Olympic Gold Medalist Stephen Kiprotich. Kiprotich is the 2012 Olympic champion in the marathon, with a winning time of 2:08:01.

Overseas Internships

Pacific McGeorge students and recent graduates have also worked in different legal systems and cultures through overseas internships. This includes:


  • Jessica Asfour '11, interned from April-July 2012 in the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  • Yen Phan '12, served as an intern at the International Law Institute-African Centre for Legal Excellence (ILI-ACLE) in Kampala, Uganda last fall and then joined them as a staff attorney in January.
  • Jasmine Turner-Bond '11, interned with Judge Fausto Pocar in the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY during fall 2012.

Current Students

  • Whitney Clark interned with the Chilean Public Defenders office as part of the Pacific McGeorge Inter-American Summer Program.
  • Jason Holley interned in a Trial Chamber at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) during summer 2013.
  • Kastle Lund interned at the Kampala High Court for seven weeks during the 2013 Uganda Summer Program.
  • Bruce Pence interned at the Uganda Land Alliance for seven weeks during the 2013 Uganda Summer Program.
  • Coleman Segal interned at the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative for seven weeks during the 2013 Uganda Summer Program.
  • Hannah Sleznikow interned in the International Law Institute for seven weeks during the 2013 Uganda Summer Program.
  • Julianne Triphon interned at Leadco in Vietnam during summer 2013.
  • Christopher Wu interned at Wong Partnership, LLP in Shanghai, China during summer 2013.

Following their overseas internships, students at Pacific McGeorge participate in the innovative Post-Internship Intercultural Legal Competence Workshop. In this workshop, students reflect upon their experiences through discussions that follow a detailed outline of topics for observation and reflection provided to the students before they left for their internships. This outline is available as an Appendix to the Report Regarding the 2011 Pacific McGeorge Workshop on Promoting Intercultural Legal Competence (The"Tahoe II" Conference).