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Lan Diep

Lan Diep
Year Graduated: 2010
Title: Legal Fellow, Mississippi Center for Justice
Area of Practice: Gulf Oil Disaster Relief Team

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Researching the Keys to Intercultural Legal Competence

Promoting intercultural legal competence begins by identifying the outcomes the efforts aim to achieve. Toward that end, the Global Center has embarked upon a project using social science research methodology to identify the skills, knowledge and values that have enabled successful attorneys to handle disputes and transactions with cross-border and cross-cultural aspects.

This began with interviews of attorneys and judges engaged in transnational practice conducted by Professor Carter and Leigh Swiegart, an anthropologist at Brandeis University. Video recordings of these interviews will be published on the Pacific McGeorge website this year.

The Global Center is currently developing plans for expanding upon these interviews. Institutions or individuals who are interested in joining with the Global Center in this research or in receiving updates on the results should contact Franklin Gevurtz or Linda Carter.

In the meantime, the Report Regarding the 2011 Pacific McGeorge Workshop on Promoting Intercultural Legal Competence (The "Tahoe II" Conference) has been published in Vol. 26 of the Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal, and is available for download.

At the "Tahoe II" conference, 39 professors from universities in the United States and abroad met to discuss how to promote intercultural legal competence in law school students. The report provides its readers with a summary of the discussions among these professors concerning the learning objectives sought in promoting intercultural legal competence and a menu of curricular vehicles for achieving these objectives.