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Visiting Scholars Program

McGeorge hosts international scholars, professors, judges and practitioners conducting law-related research through our Visiting Scholars Program.

While at McGeorge, visiting scholars receive support from the Graduate and International Programs Office. Visiting scholars also enjoy access to our library, including Lexis and Westlaw research databases, and a study carrel.

We strongly prefer to have visiting scholars schedule their visit to begin in early January or August, just before the start of classes; however, under special circumstances, we may be able to accommodate alternative start dates. Visiting scholars are expected to be proficient in the English language. A TOEFL score of at least 80 or IELTS score of at least six (6) is required. If no such scores are available, an equivalent level of English language proficiency may be demonstrated through other means.

To encourage involvement and interaction with the campus community, visiting scholars are encouraged and expected to participate in the life of the school by attending student and faculty events and giving a presentation regarding their research to students and faculty. Visiting scholars are required to submit a draft of their research after the first semester, and/or the final research project upon completion of their program. In addition, visiting scholars are required to audit one to three courses per semester.

The fee for the Visiting Scholar program is $3,500 per semester.

Current Visiting Scholars at McGeorge

Su Jeong Kang

Su Jeong Kang
Judge, Seoul Eastern District Court
Bachelor of Law, KOREA University College of Law

Su Jeong Kang is a judge at the Seoul Eastern District Court in Korea. After passing the bar exam in 2000, Judge Kang completed a two-year program at the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea. She has served as a judge since 2003 at the Uijeongbu District Court, Seoul District Court, Pohang Branch Court of Daegu District Court, and Suwon District Court. Judge Kang visited the 20thJudicial District Court in Tennessee as a member of Korean Court Delegation in August 2008.

Judge Kang is a member of the Civil Execution Law Study and Criminal Law Study. Her research at Pacific McGeorge will focus on Punitive Damages and Comparative Study on tort law between the U.S. and Korean Judicial Systems.



Jung Jae Lee

Jung Jae Lee
Judge, Seoul Central District Court
Bachelor of Law, Yonsei University, Master’s course in Law, Seoul National University

Jung Jae Lee is currently a judge at the Seoul Central District Court in Korea. After passing the bar exam in 2000, Judge Lee completed a two-year program at the Judicial Research and Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea. He worked as a lawyer in Seoul until 2007, when he began serving as a judge at the Seoul Central District Court, Gwang-ju District Court, and the Uijeong Bu District Court.

Judge Lee has been a member of the International Human Right Community and a member of the Medical Law Study since 2014. He has been in charge of the compulsory execution in Korea Court. His research at McGeorge during 2015-2016 will be focused on Comparative Study on forcible execution between the U.S and Korean Judicial Systems.


Jung Jae Lee

Kyung Min Lee
Government Official, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
Bachelor of Law, Korea University

Kyung Min Lee is a Government Official at Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy in Korea. Ms. Lee has worked at diverse government organizations for twelve years. She worked at Ministry of Information and Communication, Office for Government Policy Coordination, etc. During recent one year, she is in charge of policy establishment to maximize the results of FTAs. At McGeorge School of Law, she will conduct research about countermeasures against import regulations imposed by foreign countries through case studies.



Valentina Meroni

Valentina Meroni
Ph.D. candidate, Criminal Law and Procedure, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
Bachelor of Law, University of Milan-Bicocca

Valentina Meroni is a Ph.D. candidate at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca in Italy. She has published Il difficile equilibrio fra contraddittorio anticipato e nuova applicazione della misura coercitiva caducata and Lo Statuto giurisprudenziale del terzo interessato nel processo di prevenzione. Her studies focus on criminal procedure and evidence. She is currently researching the Right to Confrontation in a comparative perspective and the Double Jeopardy Clause.




YoungKi Rhee

YoungKi Rhee
LL.M., California Western School of Law, 2002
Master of Laws, HUFS Law, 1994
Economics, HUFS, 1991

YoungKi Rhee is in charge of the international litigation team at his Law Firm (We The People Law Group). He is licensed to practice law at the State Bar of Arizona. He also has court admissions with the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court and the U.S. Federal Circuits. Mr. Rhee has instituted global class actions, where multi-national corporations violated Unfair Competition Laws and/or committed securities market frauds against Securities Laws in the US or EU jurisdiction. As a founding member of We The People Law Group on June 2010, Mr. Rhee has successfully supported various claims for the victimized Korean companies at overseas courts.

At McGeorge School of Law, Mr. Rhee will focus his research on effective civil redress for global cartel case at US Courts through foreign injury claims.




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