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Distinguished Speaker Series

From formal presentations, informal brown bag lunches, and faculty/student activities, the events hosted through the McGeorge School of Law Distinguished Speaker Series provide an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas for the betterment of law faculty as colleagues working together, as scholars from law schools across the nation and world sharing abstracts of in-progress research, and as teachers who can share a wellspring of emerging ideas and perspectives in the classroom.

2016-2017 Events

"The Legacy of the Immigrant Workplace: Lessons for the 21st Century Economy"

Speaker:  Leticia Saucedo, Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law
When: May 4, 2017 (view photos)
Co-sponsored by the Global Center

"Transitional Justice, The Role of the Judiciary and Rupture of Democracy in Brazil in 2016 "

Speaker:  José Carlos Moreira da Silva Filho, Former Vice President, Amnesty Commission of Brazil
When: April 11, 2017 (view photos)
Co-sponsored by the Global Center

"The Cross-Border Consequences of U.S. Deportation Policy and Immigration Enforcement"

Speaker: Laura D. Gutiérrez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, University of the Pacific
When: Feb. 23, 2017
Co-sponsored by the Global Center

"Ag-Gag Laws, Lies, and the First Amendment"

Speaker: Justin Marceau, Animal Legal Defense Fund Professor of Law, University of Denver Sturm College of Law
When: Feb. 9, 2017 (view photos)
Co-sponsored by the Capital Center for Law & Policy

"Food and Freedom: Black and Native Hawaiian Farmers and the Thirteenth Amendment"

Speaker: Angela Harris, Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law
When: Nov. 10, 2016 (view photos
Co-sponsored by the McGeorge Water & Environmental Law Program 

"[That] Which Mainly Embarrasses the Court in the Present Inquiry': The Rhetorical Work of Overruling precedents in the U.S. Supreme Court"

Speaker: Dr. Clarke Rountree, University of Alabama
When: Oct. 6, 2016 (view photos
Co-sponsored by the McGeorge Capital Center and the McGeorge Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution 

"Environmental Law and Free Trade in the Americas"

Speaker: Douglass Cassel, Professor of Law and Presidential Fellow, Notre Dame Law School 
When: Oct. 3, 2016 (view photos
Co-sponsored by the McGeorge International Law Student Association, the Latino/a Law Students Association, and the Global Center at McGeorge

"Environmental Law and Free Trade in the Americas"

Speakers: Jorge Guzman, Executive Director, CAFTA-DR Secretariat for Environmental Matters, and Mario Mancilla, Legal Adviser to the CAFTA-DR Secretariat for Environmental Matters
When: Sept. 29, 2016 (view photos
Co-sponsored by the World Affairs Sacramento, the McGeorge Latino/a Law Students Association, the McGeorge International Law Student Association, the Water & Environmental Law Program, the McGeorge Global Center for Business & Development, the McGeorge Water Law Society and the McGeorge Environmental Law Society

"Prostitution and Criminal Law: A Comparative Perspective"

Speaker: Professor Alberto Cadoppi, University of Parma
When: Sept. 20, 2016 (view photos

"Fleeing Conflict and Poverty: Refugees Seek a New Life"

Speakers: Jessica Therkelsen, Esq., Director of Advocacy and Communications, Asylum Access, and Torin Jones, Doctoral Candidate; Anthropology Department; Stanford University
When: Nov. 10, 2016