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Vincent Wiraatmadja

Vincent Wiraatmadja
Year/Track: 2014
Hometown: La Crescenta, CA
Major: History

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What is the application deadline?

The last date that applications are accepted is April 1, but it is advised to submit your application as early as possible because we admit students on a rolling basis.

Does Pacific McGeorge have an early decision or early admission deadline?

Yes, the deadline for early decisions is Feb. 1.

How long are LSAT scores valid?

LSAT scores are valid for five years.

What is required for admission?

Pacific McGeorge requires a bachelor's degree from a four-year institution, a valid LSAT score, and at least two letters of recommendation, along with a completed application, which includes a personal statement and resume.

Must I have my letters of recommendation submitted through the Law School Credential Assembly Service (CAS)?

In support of the application, applicants must submit two letters of recommendation directly to LSAC, and will accept a maximum of three letters or an evaluation. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to their college professors and administrators who have had the opportunity to assess their academic or experiential aptitudes to write on their behalf.

Applicants who have been out of school for a considerable amount of time can submit letters of recommendation from employers, business colleagues, and mentors.

What is the median LSAT and GPA for last year's entering full-time class?

75th Percentile 159 3.48
Median 154 3.23
25th Percentile 151 3.00


If I apply now and take the LSAT in October, when can I expect to receive a decision?

Admissions decisions are made on completed application files beginning in December. Applicants are advised to apply early as seats are limited and made on a rolling basis. However, admission decisions are not made on the basis of the date the application is received.

If I take the LSAT more than once, do you average the scores?

The ABA now allows us to use the highest score; however, we recommend you prepare for the LSAT and plan on taking it just once. If you are not satisfied with your score and think you can improve, you may want to consider retaking the LSAT.

Do you waive application fees?

Yes. It's as simple as entering your name and email address on our webpage. You will receive a code to use when you submit your application through your LSAC account. Click here to request a Fee Waiver.

Can I visit the campus?

Every prospective student is encouraged to visit the beautiful, thirteen acre campus. Individual visits can be arranged by contacting the Admissions Office at 916.739.7105. The schedule for this Spring is:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays1 — 11:30 a.m.
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays — Flexible scheduling

1 We also offer a 4:30 p.m. tour on Wednesdays if you would like to visit an evening class.

We also encourage you to sit in on a first-year class. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

Can I speak with a currently enrolled student?

Yes, there are currently enrolled student assistants that work in the admissions office. If you would like to speak to them, call the Admissions Office at 916.739.7105. If you have specific areas of interest, we can match one of our Student Ambassadors up with you via email or phone.

Do you have any scholarships?

Yes we do. A number of scholarships and grants are awarded each year to members of the first-year class based upon criteria such as outstanding academic performance, LSAT score, diversity and experiential background.

For continuing students, there are additional scholarships available through Institutional funds, Endowments, and outside scholarship opportunities.

Although I have a strong G.P.A. for the last 60 units of my undergrad, I did poorly during my freshman year. Does this mean I won't get admitted?

Grade trends such as this are evaluated. A number of students have uneven year-by-year undergraduate records. It is the evidence of overall academic strength that is of importance and, in general, superior performance in recent rigorous academic work is of significance even though earlier grades were at a lower range. An addenda to your personal statement is a good place to address such discrepancies.

How are my grade point average, my LSAT score, and my personal statement weighted in the review process?

The two largest components that are reviewed are the grade point average and the LSAT score in formulating your relative success in law school. Though these are good predictors, they are not perfect. One of the things that Pacific McGeorge takes into consideration with regards to grade point average is grade trends. A number of students have uneven year-by-year undergraduate records, but positive grade trends combined with recent rigorous academic coursework reflect academic strength. Beyond this, an addendum or your personal statement is a great place to address this issue.

The personal statement is, as the title would suggest, personal. It is an opportunity for a prospective applicant to address issues with their academic potential, to tell a personal story, or to detail why they want to go law school and what they hope to achieve.

Do you have a part-time program?

Yes, the Pacific McGeorge part-time program is sometimes referred to as the evening division. The part-time division is a program that spans over four years, including summers, while the full-time, "day" division spans over three years.

Is it easier to be admitted to the Part-time Division than the Full-time Division?

The admissions standards for the divisions are the same but sometimes the undergraduate record is given different weight in relation to more recent employment or graduate work experiences since often the undergraduate work was completed some years ago.

How much is J.D. tuition?

Tuition for the 2012-2013 nine-month academic year is $42,972 for Full-time Division and $28,558 for Part-time Division.

How do I find out more about financial aid?

Pacific McGeorge publishes "Facts About Financial Aid." Also, our Financial Aid Office has a "Financial Aid Handbook" (pdf) which provides students with in-depth information regarding a variety of subjects.

The Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) is available in January. Please feel free to contact our Financial Aid Office at 916.739.7158 or via email for more information. You may also find your immediate questions on the Financial Aid Office Web pages. Our school code for the FAFSA is G03952.

How long does the J.D. program take?

Pacific McGeorge offers both full-time "day" and part-time "evening" J.D. programs. The full-time program takes three years and the part-time program is usually completed in four years. In order to finish the part-time program in four years, summer classes are required. However, students may choose to accelerate the part-time program to 3 1/2 years by increasing their course load after the first year.

Is there a preferred undergraduate major?

No. Pacific McGeorge does not require a major nor is there a preferred major of study. As long as the degree is from a four-year college, there is no preferred major.

Do you accept transfer students or visiting students?

Yes. Students may transfer into Pacific McGeorge after their first year, and with up to 32 units of coursework. Students may visit at our campus for one or two semesters. See our Transfer & Visiting Students page.

Do I have to practice in California?

No, Pacific McGeorge is accredited by the American Bar Association, which allows graduates from Pacific McGeorge to sit for any bar exam in the United States. Further, our alumni network stretches across the United States, and we also have extensive contacts abroad from Guatemala all the way to Salzburg, Austria. We are confident that you can practice outside of California.

What are some of the strongest areas of practice?

Our Trial Advocacy program is one of the top such programs in the nation. McGeorge's International Law program is also consistently top fifteen in the nation. For information on all of our Certificates and Concentrations, click here.

Is there any on-campus housing?

Yes, we have room for approximately 170 tenants with a variety of studio, one- and two-bedroom units. After you are admitted and have paid your full deposit, you may be placed on the housing waitlist. Click here for more information.

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