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Entering Class Profile & Enrollment Information

Who are Pacific McGeorge students? Highly intelligent, hardworking and fun-loving people like you! Our student body is increasingly diverse and engaged, bringing to the Pacific McGeorge community a host of perspectives and talents from a variety of undergraduate programs and careers from around the globe.

Fall Entering Full-time Class  
Applications 1,022
Class Size 122
Median Age 24
Minorities 48%
Women 59%
Fall Entering Part-time Class  
Applications 122
Class Size 34
Median Age 29
Minorities 32%
Women 56%


Fall Combined Entering Class Credentials

75th Percentile 155 3.39
Median 151 3.14
25th Percentile 148 2.93


Student OriginNumber of Students
Undergraduate Institutions 68
Undergraduate Majors 39
U.S. States Represented 8
Foreign Countries Represented Canada

Top Feeder Schools

  1. U.C. Davis
  2. C.S.U. Sacramento
  3. San Francisco State University
  4. U.C. San Diego
  5. U.C. Santa Cruz and University of Nevada, Reno



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