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Degree Requirements

To be recommended by the faculty for receipt of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, a student must meet the following requirements:

    1. Completion with passing grades of all required courses and 88 credit hours. Of these 88 credits, 72 must be earned in graded classes as distinguished from honors/pass/no credit/fail offerings.
    2. Demonstrated competence in legal research and writing by:
      1. Receipt of a passing grade in Global Lawyering Skills II, or
      2. Receipt of a passing grade as a staff writer on the McGeorge Law Review or The Pacific McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal (in addition to other required courses), and
    3. At least a passing grade in a professional skills course in which the student engages in skills performances that are assessed by the instructor. These include:


Administrative Adjudication Clinic 2
Alternative Dispute Resolution 3
Appellate Advocacy Clinic 2
Arbitration Practice 3
Bankruptcy Seminar and Clinic 3
Business Transactions: The Art of the Deal 2
California Employment Law Practicum 2
Civil Pretrial Litigation 2
Client Interviewing and Counseling 2
Computer Assisted Litigation 2
Crime Victims Seminar and Clinic 3
Criminal Pretrial Litigation 2
Elder and Health Law Clinic 3
Federal Defender Clinic & Federal Pretrial/Trial Seminar 3 & 2
Field Placement and Field Placement Seminar 2-14
Global Lawyering Skills II 2, 2
Housing Mediation Clinic 2
Immigration Clinic 2
Lawyering Across Borders 1
Mediation 2 or 3
Negotiation and Settlements 2 or 3
Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic 3, 3
Trial Advocacy 3
Water Resources Law Practice 1 3


  1. Attainment of a cumulative grade point average of 2.33 or better in all graded courses taken at the law school.
  2. Attendance in residence for six (6) academic semesters in the Full-Time Division or eight academic semesters in the Part-Time Division (Fall and Spring Semesters). A minimum number of units must be taken for credit in each of those semesters to receive full residency credit for the semester in the Division in which the student is enrolled (Full-Time Division minimum, 12 units; Part-Time Division minimum, eight (8) units). Information regarding residency requirements upon a change of program from one Division to another or for a Part-Time Division accelerated program may be obtained from the Dean of Students' office.

A student who sits for a bar examination prior to completion of all degree requirements is ineligible to receive a J.D. degree under regulations of the University of the Pacific.

Pacific McGeorge may require a leave upon specified terms, terminate a student's enrollment, or decline to award a degree if the Administration determines that this is in the best interests of the law school or that a student is not qualified for admission to the legal profession because of factors other than academic standing. Determinations about academic standing are made in accordance with the Grading and Advancement Committee Rules, Regulations, and Procedures. Determinations about the occurrence of conduct described in the Code of Student Responsibility are made in accordance with the procedures of that Code. Copies of both documents are distributed to all students at the beginning of the academic year and are available at the Dean of Students' office.


Pacific McGeorge Admissions
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