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Faculty in the MPA and MPP Programs

  • Karrigan Börk

    Karrigan Börk
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Law
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  • Melissa Brown

    Melissa Brown
    Director, Legal Clinics, Professor of Lawyering Skills
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  • Michael Colatrella Jr.

    Michael Colatrella Jr.
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law
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  • Rex Frazier

    Rex Frazier
    President, Personal Insurance Federation of California, Adjunct Professor, Supervising Attorney, Legislative & Public Policy Clinic
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  • Jennifer Harder

    Jennifer Harder
    Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills, Faculty Advisor, California Water Law Journal
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  • Leslie Gielow Jacobs

    Leslie Gielow Jacobs
    Director, Capital Center for Law & Policy, Professor of Law
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  • J. Clark Kelso

    J. Clark Kelso
    Professor of Law
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  • John J. Kirlin

    John J. Kirlin
    Founding Director of the Program in Public Policy, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy
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  • Jim Mayer

    Jim Mayer
    Founding President and CEO, California Forward, Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
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  • Jeffrey Michael

    Jeffrey Michael
    Professor of Public Policy, Executive Director, Center for Business and Policy Research, Eberhardt School of Business
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  • Mary-Beth Moylan

    Mary-Beth Moylan
    Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, Professor of Lawyering Skills, Director, Global Lawyering Skills Program
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  • Marianne O'Malley

    Marianne O'Malley
    Managing Principal Analyst, Legislative Analyst’s Office (retired), Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
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  • Marcie C. Paolinelli

    Marcie C. Paolinelli
    Professor of Public Administration
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  • Rachael Salcido

    Rachael Salcido
    Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship and Diversity Initiatives, Professor of Law, Director, Water and Environmental Certificate of Concentration
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  • Keith Smith

    Keith Smith
    Associate Professor, Political Science at University of the Pacific
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  • JoAnne Speers

    JoAnne Speers
    Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
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