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Join a Community

Public administration and public policy professionals do not develop their competencies isolated in front of a computer screen nor pursue careers as hermits, but rather in vibrant communities. From the day you start classes at McGeorge School of Law you join a community of individuals who share the same passion for public purpose as you. Joining that network strengthens both individuals and the shared community, furthering the goals of all those involved. These connections start in the classroom. You will be part of a special community of classmates, and you will develop friendships that last a lifetime. Collaboration and teamwork are important in any endeavor, but particularly so in public enterprise. In your professional career, you will be a member not only of those in our area of work, but also of the larger community of professionals who work in public policy and public administration. You will also be a member of the large community of McGeorge School of Law alumni, particularly influential in California’s state capital, but also vibrant across this nation.

Students meeting in the Quad
The inaugural class quickly formed strong bonds at the beginning of their first semester. They will work together and rely upon one another as they progress through the program and their careers.


Contact Casey Heinzen, Assistant Director, Public Policy Programs
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