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Stretch Your Mind

Our MPP and MPA programs are designed to deepen your understanding of our society and enhance your ability to think critically about current problems and to creatively and competently address the future. The intersection of law and policy at the core of these degree programs offered by McGeorge School of Law is the cauldron of society’s efforts to be democratic, to seek justice, and to create a desired future. These big questions are not just abstract here but must be addressed in action—the question is not only “what” to seek, but also “how” to achieve those goals. These questions have stretched minds of generations of scholars and those in public service. They will stretch your mind too.

Professor Yelpaala
Professor Yelpaala is an expert in international business law, fluent in three languages, and was a state attorney for three years in his native Ghana. Our faculty is full of such remarkable professors, and they add to the breadth and depth of wisdom available for McGeorge students.


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