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Costs & Aid

Estimated Tuition and Costs for AY 2016-2017

Classes start each fall in August. Tuition is based on a fee structure of $1,200 per credit unit.

Per-Unit Tuition Rate — $1,200 1 $15,600 $15,600 $31,200
Health Insurance 2 $1,505 $1,505 $3,010
Books & Supplies $1,173 $1,173 $2,346
Student Government Fee $50 $50 $100
Totals $18,328 $18,328 $36,656

1 Actual tuition will depend upon the number of units taken during the semester. A two-year, part-time program will usually involve six (6) to nine (9) units per semester at a cost of between $7,200 and $10,800.  These tuition figures are for one-year of full-time study. Tuition for a two-year, part-time program is spread over the two years. Tuition is subject to change/approval by the Board of Regents.
2 Health Insurance is mandatory for students enrolled in six (6) or more units. Students may opt out of the Pacific Student Health Insurance Plan by completing an online waiver, and providing acceptable proof of comparable health coverage by the announced deadline. More information can be found here.

Living expenses — the costs of room, board, transportation and personal expenses are estimated to be $9,547 for Spring and for Fall, however, individual expenses for these non-direct costs will vary.

Financial Aid

M.S.L. students may be eligible for financial aid.  For more information, contact our financial aid office at 916.739.7158.


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