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Nina Vasquez

Nina Vasquez
Major: B.S. in Business Administration with a Human Resources Management focus

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Yellow Ribbon Program

Veterans: Is Law School Next?

Pacific McGeorge offers Yellow Ribbon full tuition benefits to U.S. Veterans.

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Master of Science in Law Curriculum

Students accepted into the program can anticipate receiving guidance from our nationally and internationally renowned faculty on individual curricular plans. Students can go full or part-time; 26 units are required to earn the M.S.L. degree, which includes two required courses, a set of elective choices, and for those who are interested, a supervised capstone paper or project.

Required Course

Introduction to Legal Analysis 2


At Least One of These Foundational Courses

Contracts 3
Criminal Law 3
Property Law 2
Torts 3


Elective Courses — Organized by Concentration

Health Concentration

Bioethics 2
Elder Law & Social Policy 3
Employment Law 3
Health Law 3
Health Law Policy 2
Legislative & Statutory Interpretation 3
Mediation 3
Expert & Scientific Evidence 2
Public Health Law 3
Capstone Paper 2


Human Resources Concentration

Administrative Law 3
Contracts 3
Employment Law 3
Employment Law Practicum 2
Labor Law 3
Mediation 3
Negotiation & Settlements 2, 3


Government and Public Policy Concentration

Administrative Law 3
Constitutional Law I 2
Election Law 2
Introduction to Capital Lawyering 2
Legislative Decision Making 2
Local Government Law 2
Legislation & Statutory Interpretation 3
Negotiation & Settlements 2, 3


Water and the Environment Concentration

Advanced Water Resources 2
Environmental Law 3
Foundations of Water Law 2
International Water Resources Law Seminar 3
Natural Resources Law 3
Special Topics in Environmental Law: Ocean/Coastal 2
Water Resources Law Practice 3



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