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Jamal Hartenstein

Jamal Hartenstein
Year/Track: 2016
Hometown: Elk Grove, CA
Major: B.S. Business Administration

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California Bar Pass Statistics

The majority of Pacific McGeorge graduates take the California bar exam, which is administered annually in the last week of February and July. There are more takers in July than February and the data below includes first-time takers only. Pacific McGeorge pass rates are listed along with the overall pass rate for first-time takers and the ABA law school pass rate for first-time takers.

February First-Time Taker Bar Passage Percentage Comparison

February Bar Pass Statistics Chart

July First-Time Taker Bar Passage Percentage Comparison

July Bar Pass Statistics Chart

Pacific McGeorge offers personalized help to our students in support of bar preparation (and much more) through the Academic Support Resources Center.


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