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Giving Priorities

Giving Priorities

We need your support for a variety of specific funding needs on the Pacific McGeorge campus, each of which will help the Law School in its mission to provide a high quality legal education to students. These current funding priorities embody the heart and soul of Pacific McGeorge, enhance its reputation, and build for the future.

Making a significant gift or directing a current gift toward one of the areas listed below will help Pacific McGeorge remain a leader among educational institutions locally, nationally and internationally. Current priority funding needs are:

Our Advancement team would be pleased to work with you to direct your gift to an area of your choosing.

McGeorge Fund

As a donor, you have the ability to designate your gift for a particular purpose, such as those listed below. Some donors, however, prefer that their gifts be used to help fund the highest priority needs of the campus at the time. Though Pacific McGeorge would like to be able to fully fund every program, scholarship, or campus improvement, doing so is simply unrealistic. Many important programs are unfunded or underfunded annually, and are able to continue only because of generous gifts to the McGeorge Fund. Your annual gift to the McGeorge Fund, no matter the size, can make a significant impact.

Scholarships and Endowments

Establish your legacy as a leader in the Pacific McGeorge community by supporting current scholarships, or by endowing a scholarship or program. Scholarships can be based on a current gift now or a planned gift in the future. Endowments begin at $25,000. To sponsor a student for a full year through a scholarship requires an endowment of $850,000.

Scholarship Support

Great students inspire faculty and challenge their fellow students. They add to the vibrancy of our classrooms, clinics and campus community. An accessible education is important. Scholarship support opens the door to deserving students and eases their debt burden following graduation. To ensure Pacific McGeorge's distinction as a leader in legal education, we seek annual and endowed scholarships to attract the finest students. Too often we lose talented students to well-endowed peer institutions able to offer full support. We want all of those exceptional students who can benefit from a Pacific McGeorge education to have the opportunity to do so.


Endowments provide the foundation of Pacific McGeorge's reputation for excellence. Through the creation of scholarship and program endowments, donors can connect their name with a specific purpose or area of study. Many named endowments create opportunities for financially disadvantaged, but very talented students. Others focus on a particular area of law and allow Pacific McGeorge students and faculty to explore the leading edge of our evolving legal system. Endowments recognize donors for their generosity and leadership, while enhancing the reputation of McGeorge among the top U.S. law schools.

Campus Naming Opportunities

Pacific McGeorge has several naming opportunities that provide a special way for you to make your mark on campus or to make a tribute or memorial gift in honor of someone special. There are a number of ways to take advantage of this opportunity to memorialize your generous donation. Current naming opportunities are listed below. You are encouraged to contact our Advancement team to discuss your ideas for additional naming opportunities as well.

Pacific McGeorge Courtroom

Though ahead of its time in 1973, the Pacific McGeorge Courtroom was in need renovations to bring it into the 21st Century. Now, it can once again be hailed as "The Courtroom of the Future." This state-of-the-art space includes an updated design, as well as extensive technology, media and communications upgrades. It will provide an ideal space for training outstanding legal advocates for years to come.

Legal Studies Center

Great law schools deserve equally great legal resources. For Pacific McGeorge, the new Legal Studies Center, which houses the Gordon D. Schaber Law Library, was greatly needed to keep pace with our prominent programs, distinguished faculty, outstanding students, and internationally-recognized achievements.

The two-story, $10 million Legal Studies Center is the centerpiece of Pacific McGeorge's strategic plan and houses the library and study areas, as well as space for symposia, events, and legal training. This new library not only revitalizes legal research and study for our students, but also transforms the way our campus is perceived and experienced regionally, nationally and globally.

Centers of Distinction

The Centers of Distinction at Pacific McGeorge need your support. Each of our three Centers has overall campaign needs and requires your investment to grow and sustain unique program offerings. Your gift will make a significant difference.

Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

Pacific McGeorge's Center for Advocacy & Dispute Resolution prepares students for the courtroom and teaches them to tackle complex disputes through a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods. In 2010, Pacific McGeorge's Advocacy Program was ranked No. 5 in the U.S. News and World Report among the leading Trial Advocacy programs in the nation. Our advocacy program offers a rich array of courses where students learn to apply theory to realistic legal programs in both the trial and appellate setting. The Center and its faculty also routinely provide training programs for countries around the world, such as Chile, Italy, Cambodia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kosovo. Specific sponsorship opportunities include:

Moot Court/Mock Trial Team Sponsorship — Through various programs, Pacific McGeorge sponsors student competitors to travel across the nation and even internationally to represent the law school in moot court and mock trial competitions. The Mock Trial Competition Team program trains students to become excellent trial lawyers through honing the art of persuasive advocacy in the courtroom. The Moot Court program tests a student's written and oral advocacy skills in competitions representing a case on appeal before an intermediate court or a court of last resort. Consider the sponsorship of a specific team — each gift means another student has the opportunity to build his/her skills while competing against students at other top law schools!

National Ethics Trial Competition 2013 — Pacific McGeorge's National Ethics Trial Competition (NETC) promotes ethical and civility awareness through the mock trial competition format. It uniquely features both an ethical component in the issues to be tried and scoring based on the participants' observation of ethical and civility principles, and allows student trial lawyers to display their knowledge and skills of professional responsibility in trial work. Join our prestigious list of NETC sponsors and partner with Pacific McGeorge as a leader in promoting ethical and civility principles in the legal profession. Current 2013 NETC sponsors include lead sponsor Robert A. Buccola, '83, Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP, and co-sponsors tLaw Office of Noël Ferris, '79, R. Parker White, '80, Poswall, White & Cutler, American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), and Porter | Scott Attorneys.

  • Learn more about the NETC.

Special Programs — Gifts can be designated to support Advocacy Center symposia, workshops, and students.

Global Center for Business & Development

The Pacific McGeorge Global Center for Business & Development pursues educational, scholarly and practical initiatives addressing the interface between the global economy and the legal profession. The efforts of the Center are a principal reason why the international law program at Pacific McGeorge is recognized as a top international law program in the United States. Specific giving opportunities include:

Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker Global Center Endowment — This endowment was created by the Pacific McGeorge International Board to honor the 8th dean of the law school and to support stipends and fellowships for our law students working abroad, as they are wonderful ambassadors for us, and the experiences are invaluable to them.

Special Programs — Gifts can be designated to support Global Center symposia, workshops, and students.

Capital Center for Public Law & Policy

The Pacific McGeorge Capital Center for Public Law & Policy takes advantage of the Law School's location in California's capital city. The Center's initiatives and programs are designed to create lawyers who are leaders in their communities, and who understand the influence of public policy. Specific giving opportunities include:

Special Programs — Gifts can be designated to support Capital Center symposia, workshops, and students.

Legal Clinics

Your investment in Pacific McGeorge's Legal Clinics both enhances student learning and helps local community members navigate difficult legal challenges. These innovative programs provide students a learning environment that promotes real-world education and instills the value of service. Your gift to one of our eight Clinics will ensure Pacific McGeorge students are able to continue to learn essential lawyering skills under the tutelage of experienced mediators and attorneys. In particular, we are seeking your support for the following clinical programs:

Housing Mediation Clinic

The Housing Mediation Clinic provides students with the opportunity to mediate landlord/tenant cases working closely with experienced mediators. This Clinic is part of an innovative Housing Court project funded by the Shriver Civil Counsel Act. Students gain a working knowledge of landlord/tenant law and learn effective mediation techniques for landlord/tenant matters. This Clinic provides an outstanding opportunity for students to learn both the theory and practice of mediation and to develop the skills necessary to serve as mediators, an essential skill for today's successful lawyers.

Immigration Law Clinic

The Pacific McGeorge Immigration Law Clinic provides students practical experience in in client interviewing, identifying legal issues and providing legal advice and advocacy. Students represent non-citizens who otherwise would be unable to obtain legal representation before the Department of Homeland Security and the Executive Office for Immigration Review in applications for various immigration benefits including adjustment of status and relief from removal. Your contribution will ensure Pacific McGeorge remains a leader in the community in providing these much-needed services to indigent clients.

Elder & Health Law Clinic

The Pacific McGeorge Elder & Health Law Clinic affords students the opportunity to represent elders in court and on transactional matters concerning planning for death, incapacity and a variety of other issues, including health issues. It challenges student attorneys to question their own values about the quality of life, fairness and the wisdom and practicality of alternative dispute resolution methods to creatively resolve legal matters. Your contribution to the Elder and Health Law Clinic will ensure that McGeorge is able to continue to train students in this complex and fast-growing legal specialization.


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