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Carla Robertson

Carla Robertson
Year/Track: 2015
Hometown: Born in Gifu, Japan but grew up in Fairview, Penn.
Major: Marketing and Japanese

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Jon Wood

Jon Wood

Hometown: Marietta, Ga.
Undergraduate: University of West Georgia
Major: B.B.A., Business Management
Year/Track: 2014


For Georgia native Jon Wood, charting his own course and a solid work ethic is in the genes.

His grandfather built a career from repairman up to CEO, sits on numerous boards and has written two books. His parents founded a private school, The King's Academy, in Georgia, which Jon attended until college. And in his own right, he's well-traveled, with destinations including study abroad trips to Japan and the Czech Republic, and mission trips through his church to Ecuador and El Salvador. But Jon's greatest adventure to date (besides meeting his wife Heather who "changed his life")? Moving to Sacramento to attend Pacific McGeorge.

Home-schooled until the fifth grade, Jon joint-enrolled at Kennesaw State University to jump start college in his senior year, and then attended the University of West Georgia (UWG), where he graduated cum laude in 2010 with a B.B.A. in business management. He then pursued an MBA at UWG, and supported himself working as a property manager, a graduate assistant, and in the IT department of a medical firm in Atlanta. He later dropped out of the MBA program after realizing that the classes, professors, and ideas were the same as his undergraduate work. He wanted a new challenge, and it would seem that the family entrepreneurial spirit and head for business came roaring in as he chose law school as the next step in his career trajectory. Jon's first few weeks at Pacific McGeorge were spent reading and re-reading for classes, talking about cases with his long-time friend Zack Hamilton (another Pacific McGeorge student whom Jon met in undergrad), and cooking with his wife, a shared pass-time.

When asked why he chose Pacific McGeorge, Jon cites "the atmosphere of the student body and the faculty, the beautiful campus, the small city it's housed in, and the focus on practical learning."

After graduation, Jon hopes to take a cue from his grandfather's self-made business successes, and would like to work in business law, negotiating contracts or offering legal and business advice to executives, directors, or upper level management.

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