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Keegan Doheney

Keegan Doheney

Class of 2018
Year Graduated: 2018

Undergraduate: California State University-Channel Islands
Major: Political Science and Government

Keegan Doheney graduated in May 2018 and is preparing for the July California Bar Exam. Between finals and his Commencement ceremony, Keegan gave oral arguments before the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Sacramento on Monday, May 14, 2018, as part of a case he worked in the McGeorge Federal Defender Clinic. Keegan worked Certified Law Clerk in the Sacramento Public Defender Office for two years during law school, and before that he served as a Legal Intern with the U.S. Air Force.

Reflections - First Year at McGeorge

Keegan Doheney was born and raised in a small town in southern California and lived there until he moved to Sacramento to attend McGeorge. During his first year at McGeorge he served as the SBA 1L rep for the class of 2018.

Keegan was born a fighter. He is a two time childhood cancer survivor. Now, in his adulthood, he takes on the challenge of law. 

Coming from a military family, the idea of law school has always been one of his many aspirations. Since he was a child, he hoped to follow in his father's footsteps, as his father was a lawyer. It was not until his junior year of undergraduate school that he officially decided he would pursue law school. Keegan explains, "the real moment came during [my] studies of South Africa, because I saw how the law could be used in ways to destroy a whole country, and I did not want to see that occur anymore."

Keegan has an interest in international law, which was inspired by his travels as an undergraduate, explaining, "I spent a year of my undergraduate time in Sweden on study abroad. While there, I was able to see the northern lights, an entire hotel made of ice, and went dog sledding with an Iditarod team. I also spent two weeks in South Africa as part of my undergraduate degree, studying the history of the apartheid government and seeing its effects on the country AND we went on safari!"

He hopes to further pursue his ambitions in political science, aside from his interest in international law. Because Keegan comes from a military background with all of his family members being some part of the air force, his main career goal is to be a member of the Judge Advocate General Corp's (JAG) with the Air Force. After a career with the Air Force, he intends to work in the international field, possibly in defense contracting. His education has sparked his interest in public policy, so living in the state's capital was a clear choice. Keegan mentions, "I had grown up in warm and sunny Southern California and was ready for a change, without leaving California. McGeorge was the perfect fit."

While he is enjoying the change in weather, he also appreciates the people of McGeorge. As a 1L Rep, he had the opportunity to form great relationships with his classmates and colleagues. Affirming that he has already met amazing people in the short time he has been here, he confesses, "I had heard [about] some horror stories of law school and the competition between students and how some schools sound very cut throat, but here [it] is quite the opposite. Your class becomes some of your best friends and best study partners." 

On top of the people themselves, the community around the school does not fail to inspire Keegan. One of his favorite places to study is a local coffee shop just down the street. "I could spend hours in there...and have!"

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