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Kyle Hofmeister

Kyle Hofmeister

Class of 2018
Certified Law Clerk, Sacramento County Public Defender's Office

Hometown: Walnut, CA
Undergraduate: Washington State University and Cal Poly Pomona
Major: Political Science Cum Laude


To attend Washington State University, Kyle moved to Pullman, Washington. He admits this move was a challenging, yet rewarding experience, saying, "I had never lived away from home for any period of time, and I also did not know anyone in the entire state when I moved. It was rewarding, because it taught me how to be independent and take care of myself. I also saw how another part of the country lived and thought. It was a real growth experience for me."

While Kyle considered applying to medical school, both of his parents influenced his decision to become a lawyer. He recalls, "My mom worked for the state's Board of Pharmacy and would tell me about how she would apply the law. My dad is a physicist for Northrup Gruman, and my most vivid memory was when I was learning about the Constitution and he told me about how the Supreme Court has applied the Constitution. He also told me that one of the most important cases ever heard was Roe v. Wade; a reflection of my liberal up-bringing. I also have a love for international culture and politics."  

He decided to go to law school after his first semester in college. He remembers having a conversation with his mother, explaining, "I am a Genetics major and hate chemistry. I told my mom that I did not know what to do. She asked me what I was good at? I told her that I liked what I learned in my AP Government class, and that I got a 5 on the exam." Kyle's mom suggested he seriously consider law school.  

Kyle's grandparents also inspired him to pursue higher education. As refugees of WWII, their story has inspired him to advocate for the downtrodden and the poor. Kyle is conversationally fluent in German.            

Following his mother's advice, he visited McGeorge's campus his senior year in college. Kyle liked the campus because of the location and that it was a stand-alone campus. He remembers, "My dad accompanied me on this trip and was also impressed by the school. When I visited, there was an orange lambo parked on campus, which most likely belonged to Professor John Myers. I knew that this was the place that I wanted to spend the next 3 years of my life."  

After law school, Kyle hopes to become a public defender. Kyle explains, "My main goal is to practice indigent defense and appellate work. My ultimate goal, if possible, would be to argue a civil rights case before the California Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court."  

Like many other students, Kyle's favorite part of this experience has been his professors. He explains, "They are extremely helpful, and many have given me tips on how to start my legal career. Professors Linda Carter and Cary Bricker both have steered me onto the path of becoming a public defender. Professor Larry Levine taught me how to be confident in what I say. And Professor Ed Telfeyan taught me how to structure my arguments in word form, and encouraged me to be accurate in my citations. All of the professors have been the best."

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