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Leslie Gielow Jacobs

Leslie Gielow Jacobs

Director, Capital Center for Law & Policy
Professor of Law
B.A., Wesleyan University
J.D., University of Michigan


Phone: 916.739.7217
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Representative Scholarship

Recent Pieces

Compelled Commercial Speech as Compelled Consent Speech, 29 J. Law & Politics (Univ. of Va.) 481 (2014).

Snow White, one of ten winners of the first Journal of Legal Education short story legal fiction contest (Feb. 2013).

Book Review: A Republic of Statutes by William Eskridge and John Ferejohn, 27 Const. Comment. 647 (Winter 2011).

"Tax" is Key to Health Care Debate, Op ed, Forum Section, Sacramento Bee, Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012.

What a Kennedy/Kagan Duo Might Mean, Op ed, Forum Section, Sacramento Bee, May 20, 2011.

First Amendment/Government Speech

Bush, Obama and Beyond: Observations on the Prospect For Fact Checking Executive Department Threat Claims, 26 Const. Comment. 433 (2010).

What the Abortion Disclosure Cases Have to Say About the Constitutionality of Persuasive Government Speech on Product Labels, 87 Denv. U. L. Rev. 855 (2010).

Clarifying the Content-Based/Content Neutral and Content/Viewpoint Determinations, 34 McGeorge L. Rev. 595 (2003).

Who's Talking? Disentangling Government and Private Speech, 36 Univ. of Mich. J.L. Reform 1 (2002).

The Public Sensibilities Forum, 95 Northwestern L. Rev. 1357 (2001).

Free Speech and the Limits of Legislative Discretion: The Example of Specialty License Plates,@ 53 Fla. L. Rev. 419 (2001).

The Link Between Student Activity Fees and Campaign Finance Regulations, 33 Ind. L. Rev. 435 (2000).

Pledges, Parades and Mandatory Payments: Creating Coherency in Compelled Expression, 52 Rutgers L. Rev. 123 (1999).

Is There An Obligation To Listen?, 32 Univ. of Mich. J.L. Reform 489 (1999).

Applying Penalty Enhancements to Civil Disobedience: Clarifying the Free Speech Clause Model to Bring the Social Value of Political Protest into the Balance, 59 Ohio St. L.J. 185 (1998).

Supplementing the Assumed Definitions: A Commentary on Professor Brownstein=s Analysis of Abortion Protest Restrictions, 29 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 639 (1996).

Nonviolent Abortion Clinic Protests: Reevaluating Some Current Assumptions About the Proper Scope of Government Regulations, 70 Tul. L. Rev. 1359 (1996).

Even More Honest Than Ever Before: Abandoning Pretense and Recreating Legitimacy in Constitutional Interpretation, 1995 Ill. L. Rev. 363 (1995).

Comparative Constitutional Law

Global Issues in Freedom of Speech and Religion (Thomson West 2009), with Alan Brownstein.

Global Issues in Constitutional Law (Thomson West 2007), with Brian K. Landsberg.

Comparative Free Expression and Access to Information in the Americas (unpublished teaching materials 2010).


Retooling Law Enforcement to Investigate and Prosecute Entrenched Corruption: Key Criminal Procedure Reforms for Indonesia and Other Nations, 30 Univ. of Penn. J. Int'l. Law 183 (Fall 2008), with Benjamin B. Wagner.

Limits to the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission Model of Corruption Reform: Lessons from Indonesia, 20 Global Business & Development Law Journal 327 (2007), with Benjamin B. Wagner.

Bioterrorism and National Security

United States Legislation and Presidential Directives, Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense (J. Wiley, 2d ed. 2010), with Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker.

Bioterrorism Defense: Current Components and Continuing Challenges, William Nicholson (ed.), Homeland Security: Law and Policy (Charles C. Thomas, 2005).

Sensitive But Unclassified: The Constitutionality of Secrecy Clauses as a Condition to Government-Funded Scientific Research, 1 J. Nat'l Sec. L. & Pol. 113 (2005).

Governmental Controls and Information and Scientific Inquiry, 1 Biosecurity & Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice & Science 83 (2003), with Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker.

Courses: Constitutional Law, Remedies & Principles of Law

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