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Matt Gross

Matt Gross

Class of 2018
Law Clerk, Union Pacific Railroad

Hometown: Fresno, CA
Undergraduate: Cal Poly SLO
Major: Political Science Concentration: Pre-Law


Matt Gross is a first-generation law student who was born and raised in Fresno, California. 

"My family was incredibly happy with me going to McGeorge," he said. "Nobody in my family knows a lawyer, but now that I am at McGeorge, suddenly everyone wants me on retainer!"  

Matt graduated from California Polytechnical State University at San Luis Obispo, majoring in Political Science with a pre-law concentration.   "I wanted to make sure studying law was the right choice for me." He said. "Everybody warned me that studying law was boring and would require a ton of reading and writing, neither of which are my strong suit."  

However, working with a judge in the San Luis Obispo Superior court, seeing the day-to-day workings of attorneys and judges, proved otherwise.   "After my externship at the Superior Court in San Luis Obispo along with college courses on the 1st and 14th amendment, I knew I still wanted to pursue law school," he said. "I am happy to say I made the right choice."  

Matt also worked at a law office, surrounded by both paralegals and lawyers.   "Nothing dissuaded me," he said. "There wasn't a single moment where I knew I wanted to study law, but I made a strategic decision to do as much legal related work in undergrad to make sure law school was right for me."  

Matt is the current president of the McGeorge Business Law Association and has also participated in nearly half a dozen clubs on campus. "Someone told me before going to law school, 'You get out of law school what you put in,' and I took this to mean participate in as many clubs as possible and meet as many people as possible."   Matt also recommends attending club meetings for the free food. "Professor Levine told me I could make my tuition back in free food, and while I haven't run the numbers, I did gain a little weight."  

Being a part of the tight-knit and connected McGeorge community, Matt appreciates the highly qualified and knowledgeable professors, the wonderful students, and the beautiful campus.  

"McGeorge's longstanding history in the Sacramento area has allowed me opportunities that I would not have been given at other schools, and that is due partially to the wonderful alumni network," he said.  

Matt connected with his current Union Pacific internship by attending a club meeting on campus. "I remember it quite vividly. It was a Friday evening meeting and I was sick, but I still attended the meeting," he said "When I applied months later for the internship and interviewed in their office, my current boss recognized me and I was offered the job. I believe part of the reason I was hired is because I attended a meeting where he was the keynote speaker."  

Matt's work with Union Pacific has allowed him to draft dozens of motions in limine, discovery, and motions for summary judgment. "After a long day of work, I always get a kick out of telling people 'I've been working on the railroad, all the live long day.'"  

"I applied to McGeorge because it was close to Fresno, but now Sacramento is my home. I've made amazing friends and have the best study group. We push each other to succeed and to work harder. I've also met my incredible girlfriend Nicole who is very supportive and helpful through law school," said Matt. "I love McGeorge. I love the campus because I will study outside underneath one of the many tall trees or out on the lawn. There is no other campus like McGeorge."  

Matt hopes to work either in-house for a company or eventually own his own practice. "I like the idea of being my own boss and having complete autonomy over my work. As a personal point, I was teased my whole life for having the last name of Gross, but I take pride in my last name. One day I hope to make others proud with Gross Law LLC."   

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