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Gage Marchini

Gage Marchini
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Major: Economics/Agriculture Business with a legal studies certificate

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Navraj Rai

Navraj Rai

Class of 2018
2L SBA Class Representative
Year Graduated: 2018

Hometown: Bakersfield, California
Major: Political Science


Originally from Southern California, Navraj Rai has always been an impressive individual. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from UC Davis by the time he was 19 years old. He worked under Congressman Ami Bera, doing casework for many of his constituents. Navraj's political experience ranged from getting funding for veterans to assisting constituents acquire licenses for certain projects in the district.

"I have overlooked and assisted in the drafting and passing of bills under Assembly Member Rocky Chavez." His work with politician Rocky Chavez, who now serves in the California State Assembly, inspired him to attend law school. "I hope to be working for a firm or opening my own practice. The fields of public service and immigration law appeal to me, but my interests are subject to change." This field will give Navraj the opportunity to use not only his background and knowledge of political science, he will also be able to use his language skills since he is fluent in four languages.

Navraj's passion for the law was also inspired by his own personal experiences. "I was witness to my family's bankruptcy due to their illiteracy of legal language. I wish to close the language barrier for immigrants that don't have the capacity or the knowledge to protect and help themselves."

Navraj also appreciates the back and forth of debating, which is an essential characteristic of an up and coming lawyer. "A moment that was pivotal for me was when I found that I enjoyed debating. I reached the state level competition for debate and was ranked 6th within the Central Valley. Through debate, I found that I was able to understand and develop critical thinking skill and enjoyed it through the process."

When questioned further as to why he picked McGeorge as his law school of choice, his answer was simple: "Sacramento is one of the fastest growing cities in California. Because of this, there are vast opportunities available; and if something isn't to my liking, I know that I can quickly shift gears without worrying about an unstable future.  Moreover, my familiarity with congressional officers and the Capitol was another factor." As the political center of California, he believes Sacramento is the perfect location for what he is looking for in a city. "McGeorge School of Law can adequately equip me with the tools that I need for seamless integration into whatever it is that I choose to do."

The most surprising part of law school for him has been the amount of support that the staff is willing to provide. "Never did I think that my professors would go so far out of their way to help me the way that they did. The community here is similar to that of a family. The rumors of cut throat competition and the means that other students would use to succeed are quickly put to rest."

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