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Carla Robertson

Carla Robertson
Year/Track: 2015
Hometown: Born in Gifu, Japan but grew up in Fairview, Penn.
Major: Marketing and Japanese

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Order of the Coif 2007

Order of the Coif

Coif Honors Twenty-nine

May 14, 2007

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Twenty-nine Class of 2007 graduates were inducted into the Pacific McGeorge Chapter of the Order of the Coif a luncheon honoring the law school’s top students on May 11.

The annual event also saw a changing of the guard as Professor Thom Main took over from Professor Glee Scully as president of the chapter, and Professor Clark Kelso succeeded Professor Charles Kelso as secretary-treasurer. The Order of the Coif is an honorary scholastic society the purpose of which is to encourage excellence in legal education by fostering a spirit of careful study, recognizing those who as law students attained a high grade of scholarship, and honoring those who as lawyers, judges and teachers attained high distinction for their scholarly or professional accomplishments.

New Pacific McGeorge members of the Order of the Coif include:

  • Cori Badgley
  • Shawn Borin
  • Gina Bowden
  • Kerry Campbell
  • Kendall Dawson
  • Derek Egge
  • Patricia Eichar
  • Sharon Everett
  • Laura Friedman
  • Jeremy Goldberg
  • Breann Handley
  • Jacob Heninger
  • Kevin Hull
  • Kevin Khasigian
  • Michelle LaidlawNicholas Mahr
  • Wyatt Orsbon
  • Mancy Pendergrass
  • Jinnifer Pitcher
  • Christopher Powell
  • Jennifer Protas
  • Sophia Rowlands
  • Thomas Sheridan
  • Adam Spear
  • Zane Uribarri
  • Justin Wynne
  • Zebulon Young
  • David Ziring
  • Niki Zupanic