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Manolo P. Morales
Hometown: Eureka, CA
Major: Political Science & Business Administration

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Michael Hearn, Adam Guernsey, Lauren Manning and Gregory Morrison

From left, Michael Hearn, Adam Guernsey, Lauren Manning and Gregory Morrison.

Four Students Published In McGeorge Law Review

April 28, 2011

Tags: Student Life, 2011

Four student comments appear in Volume 42, Issue 2 of the McGeorge Law Review. Three of the authors, Gregory Morrison, Lauren Manning and Adam Guernsey, are May 2011 graduates. The other, Michael Hearn, completed his degree in December 2010.

Morrison wrote "A Nexus of Confusion: Why Agencies Responsible for Clean Water Act Enforcement Should Promulgate a New Set of Rules Governing the Act's Jurisdiction." Manning contributed "Defining Sophistication: Forecasting the Evolution of the Sophisticated User Defense in California Post-Johnson.

Guernsey, who served as chief managing editor of the law journal this year, wrote "Vehicle Leafleting: Suggestions for Municipalities Seeking to Defend Vehicular Leafleting Bans Against First Amendment Challenges." Hearn, who won last year's Stauffer Charitable Trust Award for another article he wrote for the MLR's Review of Selection 2009 California Legislation, contributed "One Person's Waste is Another Person's Liability: Closing the Liability Loophole in RCRA's Citizen Enforcement Action."