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Moot Court Team

Photo Front Row (from left): Brittany Hart, Melody Aguilar, Ashley Vasquez, Marissa Otteson, Vilma Casanova, Sue Vang, Tyler Horn, Bryce Fick, Katie Hulse, Callie Buck, Christopher Yoo, and My Tien Doan. Back Row (from left): Anete Millers, Chris Benton, Morgan Hendley, Michael Laino, Joann Horta-Baez, Garrett Seuell, Kristin Stallings, Conrad Harder, Kynsie Lovell, Dannica Molina, Professor Ed Telfeyan, Alexis Holmes, Mary Varni, Anthony Abdelsayed, Rachel Dunham, Timothy Keaton, Hunter McMillan, Paige Davidson, and Sophia Allard.

Moot Court Team in 11 Competitions This Season

September 22, 2017

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The McGeorge Moot Court team will enter 11 competitions this year, with four competitions in the Fall semester and seven competitions in the Spring Semester. In addition to competing, all team members serve on the Moot Court Honors Board. The Board has several committees which coordinate related activities with the student body and alumni through the McGeorge Moot Court Society, which is open for all students to join.

The Honors Board is led by Co-Executive Chairs Bryce Fick and Tyler Horne, Vice Executive Chair Katie Hulse, along with 1L Competition Co-Chairs Sophia Allard and Rachel Dunham, Alumni Outreach Chair Alexis Holmes, Campus Outreach Chair Anthony Abdelsayed, and Publicity Chair Christopher Benton. Professor Ed Telfeyan, director of the Moot Court program, coaches and instructs students on how to become top appellate advocates in their competitions.  The McGeorge Moot Court program is ranked 12th in the annual rankings compiled by the Blakely Advocacy Institute at the University of Houston Law Center for the 2016-2017 season.  

Here's a look at the complete 2017-2018 McGeorge Moot Court schedule:  

Fall Competitions

Thomas Tang Moot Court (Western Regional) - October 13-15, 2017 
Location: San Francisco

  • Team: Brittany Hart and Sue Vang
  • Student Coach: Kristin Stallings
  • Research Assistant: Monica Silver
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Hether Macfarlane and Brad Coutinho '12  

San Diego National Criminal Procedure - November - 10-12, 2017 
Location: San Diego 

  • Team: My Tien Doan, Dannica Molina, Alexis Holmes, and Anete Millers
  • Student Coach: Christian Yoo
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Michael Vitiello and Mark Gallagher '95  

Chicago Bar Association Moot Court - November 16-18, 2017 
Location: Chicago

  • Teams: Morgan Hendley, Timothy Keaton, Melody Aguilar, and Ashley Vasquez
  • Student Coach: Hunter McMillan
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Adrienne Brungess and Timothy Kamermayer '12  

New York National Moot Court (Region 12) - November 16-17, 2017 
Location: Sacramento

  • Teams: Conrad Harder, Tyler Horn, and Garrett Seuell; Sophia Allard, Paige Davidson, Michael Laino
  • Student Coach: Callie Buck
  • Research Assistant: Henry Mantel
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Daniel Croxall and Etan Zaitsu, '11    

Spring Competitions  

Andrews Kurth Kenyon Moot Court Competition - January 25-27, 2018
Location: Houston

  • Team: Anthony Abdelsayed, Kynsie Lovell, and Marissa Otteson
  • Student Coach: Rachel Dunham
  • Research Assistant: David Witkin
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Ed Telfeyan, Professor Lindsey Blanchard, and Gil Vega '09  

Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court (Regional) - February 10, 2018 
Location: San Francisco 

  • Team: Morgan Hendley and Michael Laino
  • Student Coach: Kristin Stallings
  • Faculty Coach: Professor Michael Mireles

National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court - February 23-24, 2017 
Location: Chicago

  • Team Members: Alexis Holmes, Marissa Otteson, Sue Vang, and Ashley Vasquez
  • Student Coach: Christian Yoo 
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Jeff Proske, Professor Ederlina Co, and Andrea Moon '13  

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court (Regional) - February 22-25, 2018 
Location: Portland, OR

  • Team: Christopher Benton, Bryce Fick, Joann Horta-Baez, and Mary Varni
  • Student Coach: Vilma Casanova
  • Research Assistant: Matt Gallagher
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Stephen McCaffrey, Professor John Sims, Casey Anderson '12, and Robert Mayville '15.  

ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition (Regional) - March 1-3, 2018 (National Finals  in Washington, DC April 5-7, 2018)
Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Team: Conrad Harder, Tyler Horn, and Garrett Seuell; Paige Davidson, My Tien Doan, Dannica Molina
  • Student Coach: Hunter McMillan Research Assistants: Dylan de Wit  
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Ed Telfeyan, Professor Daniel Croxall, and Leo Moniz '12  

Roger J. Traynor California Appellate Moot Court - April 14, 2018  
Location: University of West Los Angeles School

  • Team: Sophia Allard, Rachel Dunham, and Timothy Keaton
  • Student Coach: Kynsie Lovell
  • Research Assistant: Jessi Johnson 
  • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Hether Macfarlane, Professor Ed Telfeyan and Corrie Manning '11    

UC Davis Asylum & Refugee Law Moot Court Competition - March 3-4, 2018  
Location: Davis, CA

    • Team: Anthony Abdelsayed, Melody Aguilar, Brittany Hart, and Anete Millers
    • Student Coach: Callie Buck
    • Faculty and Alumni Coaches: Professor Mary-Beth Moylan, Professor Blake Nordahl, and Ariana Van Alstine '13      

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