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Gregory Aghazarian

Gregory Aghazarian
Year Graduated: 1993
Title: Partner, Beattie & Aghazarian, LLP
Area of Practice:

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Obehi Okojie

Obehi Okojie

Student, Georgetown Law S.J.D. program
Fellow, The Carter Center
Area of Practice: LL.M. Transnational Business Practice
Year Graduated: 2012

Obehi Okojie decided to go back to law school for his LL.M. degree because of his passion for research and legal scholarship.  He closely followed the careers of some Nigerian scholars and professors he met during his time in law school pursuing his LL.B.  Having seen the extent of these scholar's contributions to the shaping of law and policy through their respective scholarships, upon graduation he was convinced that he was not only going to become a lawyer, but also an academic scholar.  It was in pursuit of this dream that he decided to attend McGeorge School of Law.

At McGeorge, Obehi focused on various areas of international law. This gave him an in-depth perspective on how international law shapes domestic law and policy - a perspective that drives his research interest today.  He was also privileged to encounter professors who are renowned in their respective fields and were willing to offer mentorship. Professors, Raquel Aldana, Omar Dajani, Kojo Yelpaala and others took time to guide him on his pursuit of an academic career. In Obehi's last semester at McGeorge, he conducted research leading to his master thesis under the supervision of Professor Dajani. His focus was to assess the topical options of secession and federalism as conflict management mechanisms in Nigeria. The findings of this research formed, in part, his first law journal (McGeorge Global Business and Development Law Journal, 2013) publication and also the basis for his future research.  

One of Obehi's favorite memories of his time at McGeorge  was the experience he had from the LL.M thesis workshop of May 2012. At that workshop, Obehi had the opportunity to present his master thesis to some faculty members at McGeorge. The presentation and its question and answer session was, to him, a stint with teaching. He also received some very insightful feedback from faculty members present at the workshop. Much of the feedback remains valuable to his future studies. With that said, it was also very memorable to have met and interacted with so many lawyers from countries all around the world at McGeorge.  

Obehi is at Georgetown in pursuit of his S.J.D. degree.  His curiosity for knowledge and zeal to contribute to nation-building through legal scholarship, which would constructively shape law and policy in Africa, motivated him to pursue an S.J.D. degree. The SJD program at Georgetown affords him the environment needed to confront very critical challenges facing Africa through research and ultimately prepare him for the academic career that he dreamed of. During his time as a doctoral candidate at Georgetown, Obehi plans to focus his studies on international and comparative law with special focus on Nigeria and Africa. Specifically, his dissertation research will focus on the African Union's multilateral framework for democracy and its impact on conflict in post-colonial Africa. After this program, he hopes to pursue a career in teaching.

As one committed to contributing to positive nation-building, Obehi finds legal practice to be rewarding because it has afforded him the best opportunity to impact lives and ultimately society.  

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