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What is Comment?

Comment Department staff writers research and compose an original scholarly work that is useful to the legal community. Students will have the opportunity to research cutting-edge legal issues, work personally with a McGeorge faculty advisor, and became an expert in their topic area. Each year, the Board of Editors selects a number of these Comments for publication.

Practical Experience

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with McGeorge faculty, policy advisors, and other legal experts.
  • Perform advanced research of cases statutes to analyze the effect of new laws and policies.
  • Learn to write publishable articles.
  • Master the use of the Harvard Bluebook citation style (HBB is the most widely used style manual in the U.S.).
  • Obtain a detailed knowledge of a specific legal field.

Curricular Benefits

  • Receive two (2) units of ungraded class credit, and will receive a grade designation of Honors, Pass, No Credit, or Fail.
  • Obtain the prestige of being a member of the school's Law Review.


The University of the Pacific Law Review

Pauline Rodriguez Acosta, Computer Publishing Specialist
Email | 916.739.7171