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Rachael Salcido

Rachael Salcido

Professor of Law
Director, Environmental Concentration
B.A., J.D., University of California, Davis


Phone: 916.739.7354
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Representative Scholarship

The Tension Between Transparency and Public Appeasement in the Formulation of Wildfire Management Strategies and the use of Wildfire as a Restoration Tool, 1 Tex. Wesleyan J. Real Prop. 69 (2012).

The Success and Continued Challenges of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: A Grassroots Restoration, 39 Ecology L. Q. 1085 (2012).

Legal Protection of the Environment, in Comparative Law and Society (David S. Clark, ed., Edward Elgar 2012) (with Stephen C. McCaffrey).

Siting Offshore Hydrokinetic Energy Projects: A Comparative Look at Wave Energy Regulation in the Pacific Northwest, 5 Golden Gate U. Envtl. J. 108 (2011).

Law Applicable on the Outer Continental Shelf and in the Exclusive Economic Zone, 58 Am. J. Comp. L. Supp. 407 (2010).

Rough Seas Ahead: Confronting Property Doctrines to Jumpstart Wave Energy, 39 Envtl. L. 1073 (2009).

Global Issues in Environmental Law (with Stephen McCaffrey, Thomson/West 2008).

Voluntary Cleanups and CERCLA in a Post-Aviall and Atlantic Research World, 54 Rocky Mtn. Min. L. Found. 9-1 (2008).

Offshore Federalism and Ocean Industrialization, 82 Tul. L. Rev. 1355 (2008).

Doctrinal Divisions and Issues in Environmental Law, in Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and Global Perspectives vol. 1, 485 (with Stephen McCaffrey; David Clark ed., Sage 2008).

Public Lands Access, Everything Old is New Again, 52 Rocky Mtn. Min. L. Found. 9-1 (2006).

Enduring Optimism: Examining the Rig-to-Reef Bargain,32 Ecology L.Q. 863 (2005).

Courses: Property, Wills and Trusts, Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law, Ocean and Coastal Law, Climate Change, Law Review Seminar, Water and Environmental Law Research Seminar

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