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Rachel Dunham

Rachel Dunham

Class of 2019
Chair, SBA Election Committee
Chair, Moot Court 1L Competition

Undergraduate: CSU Sacramento
Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences/Liberal Studies

Rachel Dunham is the only daughter of five children. "I have four brothers- three of them being older. Growing up, I wanted to play Wiffle ball with the neighborhood boys in the street rather than all the girly things. I was pretty stubborn about not wanting that for myself." Soon enough, Rachel's dad enrolled her in softball when she was just five years old. "I fell in love!"

Rachel's dad was her softball coach. "In essence, he was also my 'life' coach as a father should be to their child. Since I was a little girl, he taught me to take the 'high road' in life and to keep my eye on the ball. Metaphorically- the ball is my dream. When I was going through the process of deciding whether or not I wanted to apply to law school, he was right there listening. He analyzed the process with me. He was there to push me one step further as a father and coach. He told me if this is what I want to do with my life, then I need to keep my eye on the ball and swing."  

Rachel's mother, who is a McGeorge alumna, gave her the extra confidence boost to apply. "She is a shareholder for Somach Simmons & Dunn. Growing up, I watched how hard she worked. She never sugarcoated how difficult this process would be, but when she told me she knew I could do it, I believed her. It means the world to me that she believes in me."  

Her fiance, Anthony Sessa, has been by her side every step of the way as well. "He and I are a team, and we face law school as a team. Law school has only made us stronger. "  

Rachel's true passion is helping others. Rachel is passionate about treating people with disabilities kindly and stands against bullying. "Someone very close to me is considered special needs, and I will not disclose who because that is not mine to share, but it altered me as a human. This person inspired me to initially want to go into teaching. I went through my undergraduate program wanting to be a special education teacher. I tailored my work experience to fit this goal. I volunteered in elementary school classrooms and worked for United Cerebral Palsy, Sacramento. However, my experiences made me realize there are other causes beyond special education that could use someone like me, someone who just wants to make a difference. It dawned on me that my passion was not just for special needs and disabilities."  

Rachel wants to make the world a better place. "When I finished my undergraduate program, I wanted to learn to advocate on behalf of those who struggle to do so on their own."

Rachel is a very strong, transparent, and genuine person; her personality makes her a natural born advocate. "Advocating on someone's or an organization's behalf is one of the most helpful things you can do. Depending upon the circumstances, that advocacy can make a difference in the world. There are so many areas of the law where this passion can be incorporated and that is what is beautiful about this realm of study."  

Rachel was accepted into Moot Court for the academic 2017-2018 year. She is looking forward to it because she loves being part of a team and has the ability to use her advocacy skills. She is also the Chair of the SBA Election Committee. Moreover, she is the Moot Court 1L Competition Chair for the Coordination Sub-Committee.  

Rachel's interests include Health, Family, and Elder Law. "I feel like my passion to help others will be satisfied in any one of those fields-- whether it is ensuring the hospital's safety, advocating for a patient's ability to get quality care, or providing a voice to an individual through the family court."                             

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