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Gage Marchini
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Major: Economics/Agriculture Business with a legal studies certificate

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Robyn Miller

Robyn L. Miller

Deputy District Attorney, Placer County
Area of Practice: Criminal Law & Elder Law
Year Graduated: 2014

Undergraduate: CSU Sacramento

When she graduated from McGeorge, Robyn Miller walked across the stage carrying her 18-month-old son, Ellijah, in her arms. At the time, she was also pregnant with her daughter, Iveigh.

"McGeorge embraces the idea that no two students are the same and that we all bring different life experiences to the table. The staff and career advisors worked with me to secure externships and class schedules that accommodated my growing family. I am forever grateful for the continued support, encouragement, services and friendships that resulted from my experiences with McGeorge staff and advisors. They work with you to ensure your success no matter what life throws your way."

At 36 years old, Miller became inspired to become a lawyer when her mother was diagnosed with early on-set dementia. To help her mother, she poured herself into getting the necessary legal affairs in order and quickly realized how difficult it must be for families without the skills or resources necessary to cut through the red tape. "From a fatal diagnosis came a gift that would make my mom forever proud - I enrolled in law school at the age of 36."             

Miller opted to study at McGeorge because McGeorge's location allowed her to stay in the Sacramento community near her friends and family. At McGeorge, Miller savored the opportunity to learn experientially at the McGeorge Elder Law Clinic. "I was given the chance to meet one on one with clients, listen to their real-life legal challenges and work with them towards resolution. I often appeared in court hearings and prepared written motions for the court. I cannot think of a better opportunity that prepared me for the reality of being a lawyer."            

After she graduated, Miller worked as a Legal Fellow in the McGeorge Legal Clinics. "It was a homecoming to be a licensed attorney working in the environment that assured me that law was the right career for me. I spent just under a year directly representing clinic clients in estate planning, elder abuse, fraud claims and public benefits matters. Months after passing the state bar, I appeared at my first bench trial and successfully represented my client."            

Although Miller entered McGeorge passionate about family law, she discovered that she was also fascinated by criminal law. She encourages students to be open minded during their law school journey instead of having a fixed idea of what kind of law they want to practice. Now, she works as a deputy district attorney for Placer County. "When people ask me how I like my job without hesitation I reply, "I love my job."  

As she reflects on the journey to where she is today, Miller highlights the challenges. She gave birth to Ellijah while she was in law school and cared for her newborn, Iveigh, while she was studying for the bar. In addition to caring for her children, she also cared for her mom as her health was declining. Then, right before she started her second year at McGeorge, she lost her house and all of her belongings in a house fire.

Miller says that she got through the challenge of law school with a balanced support network of law school peers, friends and family. She encourages current and future students to believe in their ability to succeed.

"There is no perfectly paved path for achieving success. Push through life's changes and challenges and at the end of the day I promise that you will look back and think 'I did it!' It's a pretty amazing feeling, trust me."              

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