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Karla Cruz

Karla Cruz
Hometown: Bay Area, Calif.
Major: Politics and Latin American Latino Studies double major

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Scott Seaward

Scott Seaward

Class of 2017

Hometown: San Rafael, CA
Undergraduate: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Mathematics


Scott Seaward graduated in May 2017 with a J.D. Certificate of Concentration in Environmental Law.

Before deciding to attend McGeorge School of Law, Scott Seaward had a very different plan. As an undergraduate, he was working towards becoming a teacher. He majored in Math and minored in Education, with hopes of teaching high school level Math. However, this goal changed once he graduated from UC Santa Cruz. Scott admits, "when I graduated, I decided I wanted to have some other career in Math first, so I could use experiences from that career in the classroom. I spent awhile trying to decide what I wanted to do, and even applied to become an intern as an actuary." However, he was still unsure of his future and whether his career choice would relate to Math Education.

For a few years between his time at UC Santa Cruz and starting at McGeorge, Scott was questioning if his pursuit of becoming a Math teacher was the best decision for him. Admittedly, he did not know what he wanted to do as a career. While deciding on his next step, Scott worked at a grocery store, making minimum wage.  Though he was barely getting by each month with college loans and medical bills, during those years, Scott feels as though he learned a lot about himself, made some great friends and grew to appreciate his childhood.

Finally, he decided that he wanted to become a lawyer. While he did not choose to study law because of math, there was another monumental experience in his life that influenced his decision to attend law school. Scott used to work for Americorps, teaching middle and high school students Environmental Science. During his time teaching, Scott worked with those students to improve and clean local parks in the community. He decided on law because he wanted to find another way to help the environment; and luckily, working with Americorps led him to pursue law.

While Scott quickly realized his educational background in Math was unique, he has been told that he thinks like a lawyer throughout his life. "I think mostly it's because I'm stubborn and willing to argue my side to a fault, but I'd like to think it also has to do with my mathematical and logical mind. Deciding to go to law school was more about realizing it was a possibility."

Like many law school students, Scott had his doubts about his capability to thrive in a law-focused environment. He mentions, "Being a lawyer was always this prestigious and unattainable thing - of course I wasn't going to be a lawyer. And then I realized the only thing stopping me was myself."

After deciding law school was the path he was meant to follow, he started considering which schools would best fit his needs and aspirations. For Scott, the location of McGeorge was a deciding factor as his wife already had a job in Sacramento. And while he has family in the area for support as well, he has felt very supported by the faculty and staff, but particularly his classmates. He explains, "one thing you always hear is that law school is competitive - and sure, that's true - but I've found that McGeorge facilitates a close and supportive student body."

As a McGeorge student, Scott found his passion in Environmental Law and is the Treasurer of both the Environmental Law Society and Water Law Society. Scott is also the Co-founder and Co-president of the Strategic Games Club. Because Scott is working towards completing a Concentration in Environmental Law, he took an externship with the California Department of Parks and Recreation. He has enjoyed the experience thus far and hopes to work in the public sector after graduating from McGeorge.

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