Student Voices

Carla Robertson

Carla Robertson
Year/Track: 2015
Hometown: Born in Gifu, Japan but grew up in Fairview, Penn.
Major: Marketing and Japanese

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Sosan Madanat

Sosan Madanat

Undergraduate: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, UC Santa Cruz
Major: Philosophy, Language Studies, Italian
Year/Track: 2014

Sosan Madanat is pursuing the Capital Certificate for Public Law & Policy as part of her J.D. degree. She is the Executive Director of the Public Legal Services Society for the 2013-2014 academic year, and a member of the Governmental Affairs Student Association. The 2014 PLSS auction and Pacific McGeorge 90th anniversary celebration, held on March 15, hosted over 300 guests and was a huge success in raising funds for student stipends!

During her second year at Pacific McGeorge, Sosan completed a field placement in the office of California Senator Noreen Evans, where she staffed the Senator on the floor during session. Additionally, she wrote floor notes for legislative session, which she provided to the Senator before each session. Sosan also assisted other staff members with research projects related to the Senator's legislation. Sosan participated in meetings with the Senator's constituents and met with trial court judges from around California during the course of her Senate field placement. Sosan interned with Congressman John Garamendi prior to her placement in Senator Noreen Evans' office. 

Sosan's field placement during her third year of law school was in the California Governor's Office. She currently is an intern in the office of California Senator Noreen Evans.

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