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Criminal Justice Concentration Requirements & Curriculum

A structured curriculum, including required and elective courses leads to a J.D. degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice. The curriculum is selected to provide students seeking a career in criminal law with a firm foundation in that field.

To earn the concentration in Criminal Justice, students must fulfill requirements 1 and 2 below. The concentration requires 14 or more units in Criminal Justice. Criminal Law and basic Criminal Procedure do not count toward the required 14 units. Advanced Criminal Procedure does count toward the required 14 units.

Requirement 1

  • Complete Advanced Criminal Procedure.
  • Complete one Legal Scholarship course.
  • Complete one Substantive Criminal Justice course.
  • Complete one additional course from either Legal Scholarship or Substantive Criminal Justice.
  • Complete one Clinical course.

Requirement 2

  • Complete one additional course, either from Substantive Criminal Justice or Legal Scholarship lists, or from the list of Advocacy/Evidence Courses.

Advanced Criminal Procedure

Advanced Criminal Procedure 2 or 3


Legal Scholarship Courses (other courses allowed with approval of the Director)

Capital Punishment Law 3
Criminal Law Defenses 2
Directed Research 2
Problems in Criminal Justice 2 or 3


Substantive Criminal Justice Courses

Habeas Corpus Seminar 2
Juvenile Law 2
Sentencing and Post-Conviction Remedies 2
White Collar Crime 2


Clinical Courses (other courses allowed with approval of the Director)

California District Attorney's Association 3
Criminal Justice Legal Foundation 3
Department of Corrections 3
District Attorney's Office 3
Federal Public Defender 3
Governor's Office of Criminal Justice Planning 3
Parole Representation Clinic 3
Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic 3
Public Defender Juvenile Law Office 3
Public Defender Office 3
State Public Defender Office 3
United States Attorney's Office 3


Advocacy/Evidence Courses

Advanced Trial Advocacy 3
Criminal Pretrial Litigation 2
Expert and Scientific Evidence 2
Trial Advocacy 3


Contact John Myers, Director of the Criminal Justice Concentration
Email | 916.739.7176