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Melody Aguilar

Melody Aguilar
Hometown: Stockton, CA (born in Lima, Peru)
Major: Sociology and Legal Studies

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Yellow Ribbon Program

Veterans: Is Law School Next?

McGeorge offers Yellow Ribbon full tuition benefits to U.S. Veterans.

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Administrative Adjudication Clinic

The Administrative Adjudication Clinic trains students to be administrative judges using a variety of instructional approaches including classroom instruction, observations, simulations and research assignments. Once students are prepared to act as administrative judges, they will be assigned to hear and decide a number of administrative disputes for local cities and other public agencies who have contracted with McGeorge's Institute for Administrative Justice (IAJ) for hearing services.

This clinic teaches the importance of administrative procedure in the legal system and teaches a student from the perspective of the judge rather than that of the advocate. Many students from the clinic have gone on to important positions within the government and some have become administrative law judges.


Adjunct Professor Megan Shapiro has represented hundreds of clients in administration hearings and maintains an active civil litigation practice.


Contact Megan A. Shapiro, Adjunct Professor