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Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic students

Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic

The Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic was established in cooperation with the federal court in 2009. The Eastern District federal judges have more Section 1983 prisoner civil rights cases per judge than any other federal court in the nation. Under Section 1983 of a Reconstruction era Civil Rights Act, prisoners in state prisons have the right to sue in federal court to seek relief for alleged violation of rights protected by the Constitution or created by federal statute. The Clinic provides law students with the unique opportunity to co-mediate these prisoner civil rights cases with a federal magistrate judge. Professors Michael Colatrella teaches the Clinic.


The Clinic is taught by Professor Michael Colatrella and a member of the California bar. Associate Dean Dorothy Landsberg is also a frequent instructor in the Clinic. Professor Colatrella is a faculty member at Pacific McGeorge and a nationally recognized mediator. Dorothy Landsberg practiced employment and education law with a large law firm in Sacramento for over 20 years and is also experienced in mediation. Contact information: or


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