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Small Business Law Clinic

The Small Business Law Clinic is designed to help students gain practical experience in client interviewing, researching, case management, document preparation, and other skills necessary to represent the legal needs of small businesses in transactional matters. Some examples of transactional matters are: client interviewing, client engagement letters, type of business entity formation research, LLC formation, LLC Operating Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, Lease Agreements, Vendor Agreements, and IP Licenses. By the end of the course, students are expected to have demonstrated competence in basic business and transactional legal skills necessary to represent the legal needs of a small business, either in the start-up process for business expansion or on-going needs.


The Clinic is taught by Professors Elizabeth Jackson and Kaitlyn Saberin, both of whom are attorneys in the Business and Corporate practice at Delfino Madden. Professor Jackson and Saberin are adjunct professors at Pacific McGeorge and graduates of Pacific McGeorge. Contact information: and

Structure of Clinic

This one-semester, three-unit, graded Clinic (offered only during the spring) meets for 1 hour each week at the Delfino Madden O’Malley Coyle & Koewler offices in downtown Sacramento. The Delfino Madden offices will then be open to clinic students for two afternoons so that they can work on assignments and receive guidance from the supervising attorneys.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

To qualify for this Clinic, students must have completed Global Lawyering Skills I and it is recommended that students have taken Business Associations and Federal Income Tax. In addition, a student must be enrolled in, or have successfully completed, Evidence and Civil Procedure in order to meet the California State Bar certification requirements.

Unit Credit and Limit on Enrollment

The Small Business Law Clinic and Seminar is a one-semester, three (3)-unit, graded course. Enrollment in the Clinic/Seminar is limited to four students.

Why This Clinic is Valuable

This Clinic provides students with practical experience that they may encounter as corporate or transactional lawyers and students gain familiarity with different types of documents and legal research tools as they would as a first year associate. = The goal is for students to gain real-life experience so that they begin their first year of practice having already learned what resources to look to for guidance, how to review documents, and key issues to be mindful of in various transactions.


Elizabeth Jackson, Professor

Kaitlyn Saberin, Professor