Inter-American Students

Erika Gonzalez

Erika Gonzalez
Year/Track: 2012
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, Calif.
Major: Political Science

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Inter-American Faculty

  • Raquel Aldana

    Raquel Aldana
    Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship, Director, Inter-American Program
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  • Megan Ballard

    Megan Ballard
    Professor of Law, Gonzaga University, School of Law
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  • Raymond Coletta

    Raymond Coletta
    Professor of Law
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  • Julie Davies

    Julie Davies
    Professor of Law
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  • Fred Galves

    Fred Galves
    Professor of Law
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  • Leslie Gielow Jacobs

    Leslie Gielow Jacobs
    Director, Capital Center for Public Law & Policy, Professor of Law
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  • Beto Juárez

    Beto Juárez
    Professor of Law, Director of Lawyering in Spanish Program, Sturm College of Law, Denver University
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  • Dorothy S. Landsberg

    Dorothy S. Landsberg
    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills
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  • Lawrence Levine

    Lawrence Levine
    Professor of Law
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  • Mario Mancilla

    Mario Mancilla
    Legal Adviser to the Secretariat for Environmental Matters, CAFTA-DR
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  • Stephen McCaffrey

    Stephen McCaffrey
    Distinguished Professor of Law
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  • Luis Mogollón

    Luis Mogollón
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  • Blake Nordahl

    Blake Nordahl
    Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills, Supervising Attorney, Immigration Clinic
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  • Manuel Vásquez

    Manuel Vásquez
    Chief Prosecutor for the region of Sacatepéquez, Antigua, Guatemala
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