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Ace Your Skype Interview

December 3, 2012

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It has become increasingly common for firms to conduct remote interviews via Skype rather than by telephone. Do you know how to prepare if your prospective employer requests a Skype interview? We have compiled the best interview tips just for you.

1. Make Sure Your Username and Profile Picture Are Firm-Friendly

While your friends may think the picture of you in your Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume is hilarious, and while your grandma may think the username Cuddlebug3333 is adorable, think about how they may come off to your interviewers. We've all been warned about the potential dangers of inappropriate Facebook profiles, but now it's time to clean up your Skype profile. Think about changing your picture to a more professional image, and give yourself a neutral, non-recoil-inducing name.

2. Be Aware of Lighting, Your Backdrop, and Background Noise

In keeping with presenting yourself in the most professional light possible, you should position your computer or web cam so that clutter and personal items are out of view. If you have a blank wall in your apartment, try to set up a table or desk so that your back is to that wall. Additionally, lighting can be an issue. If you have portable lamps, try to position them so that the majority of the light is to your face, not behind you. Do a trial run with a friend or family member the day before to ensure that the lighting looks alright and that background noise will not be a problem. Make sure to CLOSE all other programs on your computer, lest they make noise unexpectedly. And just remember, we know you love your pets, but please put Fifi and/or Fido in a separate room — this will combat unexpected cat keyboard attacks!

3. Always Dress As You Would for an Actual Interview

You may be tempted to wear your pajamas or sweatpants or — gasp! remain in your underwear — from the waist down, but it is important to dress from head to toe as you would for an actual interview. This means suit jacket/blazer, dress shirt, suit pants/slacks/skirt, and even your nice shoes. By doing so, you will subconsciously present yourself in a more professional manner. Besides, what happens if there is an emergency or you have to get something from the other room?

4. Look Directly Into the Camera

It is tempting to look at the other person's face, but that means your image will not be making eye contact with your interviewer. Though it may feel awkward, practice it a few times during your run-through with a friend. If you have notes, be careful where you place them. It may look awkward if you are looking down at your notes, so if possible place them on a wall or board just above your camera.

Follow these tips, and you will be sure to make a great impression on the other end of the camera.

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