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Financial Responsibility

All students are required to complete the Financial Responsibility acceptance for each term they register for classes. If you did not accept Financial Responsibility during the registration process for the current term, please follow these instructions to meet the requirement:

  • Log into insidePacific.
  • Select the Sacramento Students link
  • Click on the Academic link
  • Click on the Begin Registration link
  • Click on the Financial Acceptance link
  • Select the current term in the drop down beginning with Law (e.g., Law Spring 2018)
  • Click on the Submit button
  • Read statement and click on the “I Accept” button

In the event you do not accept Financial Responsibility at the time of registration, or prior to classes beginning, your account will be placed on Financial Hold (FH), which will prohibit you from registering for courses and/or changing your registration. Electronic acceptance of Financial Responsibility is the University’s preferred method to meet this requirement, but in the unseen event of technical difficulties you can find a hard copy of the form here Financial Responsibility Acceptance Form (pdf). If you are unable to complete the form through insidePacific, please sign and date the hard copy and submit it to the Business Office for our records.